Completely Re-Grout Terminal Two

Cut around all Terrazzo Tiles, re-grout and Polish

Manchester Airport

Project Specifics

  • Size: 12000 Square Metres
  • Timescale: 12 months

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Before - Dull and Grey

Terminal Two at Manchester airport, where we refurbished 12,000 square metres of terrazzo tiles cutting around EVERY ONE of 132,000 tiles, and re-grouting them with fast-setting resin. To give the bright finish the Airport required, we diamond polished the whole floor.


After - Mirror like

We designed the specialist plant for large professional refurbishment programs, and it meant our men were able to work at 5 times the speed of more conventional techniques. All cutting out was done from a standing position, as was the grinding and polishing. Production rates were fantastic, and the program we proposed was actually beaten by several weeks.

Re-Grouting in progress

Here we see the result on a nights work for a couple of men. Because cutting plant was operated from a standing position, output was very high. Attention to dust reduction enable a clean operation with not one complaint over 12 months.

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