Terrazzo Floor Diamond Polished

Tile joints and bolt holes repaired, all re-ground

Braehead Centre

Project Specifics

  • Size: 9000 Square metres
  • Timescale:

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Shopping Centre Refurbishment

The remit for this contract was to replace any broken tiles, cut and re-grout any failing joints, and then diamond polish the entire centre to the satisfaction of Project Manager. The whole facility was polished in one continuous visit, and then maintained in pristine condition over 4 annual visits, each of a weeks duration. The client maintained a supply of tiles, of which there were seven different colours and aggregate blends.

Pre Contract Considerations

Our experience over a thirty year period of carrying out such contracts, enabled us to indicate exactly where we would need the three phase power points which are invariably required. Furthermore, there were many other issues concerning disposal of debris, broken tiles, slurry, sealed bags of dust,each of which needed particular consideration before-hand.

Diamond Polishing

Since diamond polishing only removes about half a mm of tile, it is essential that lippage is removed beforehand. Lippage occurs when the tiles are "laid-finished", i.e. not ground off.In these instances an allowance for additional grinding is normally made before diamond polishing prices are finalised. Even the smallest lips which would not normally be noticeable, can adversely affect the success of diamond polishing. The technical term for this actual grinding is lippage removal.

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