Concrete Grinding

This process removes the top surface of the floor to reduce future dusting. It also levels out undulations and prepares the floor for fine polishing and sealing. Efficient dust control keeps the process very clean. The equipment used on industrial contracts is usually 3-phase 415v, so an adequate power source will be required.


Polishing and Sealing

The fine grinding of concrete will generate a shine, and sealing will prevent the ingress of contaminants. Polished concrete is extremely low maintenance, and presents a relatively inexpensive way of upgrading a plain concrete slab to a bright, attractive Terrazzo finish.


Polished Concrete Staining and Patterns

Once the floor has been ground off, but before sealing has taken place, coloured inks can be used to stain patterns into the concrete. Designs in the form of templates are normally used in conjunction with the inks, and it is possible to reproduce the looks of other floor finishes by this method.

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