Logo Installation for Disney Stores UK

Resin Terrazzo Mickey logo-24 done.

Disney Stores

Project Specifics

  • Size: 15 Square Metres
  • Timescale: 6 Days

Project Details - click images on right to zoom

In 1997/8, we installed a logo in the form of a Mickey Mouse face in 24 Disney Stores, including six in Italy, the home of terrazzo! Each logo consisted of seven completley different aggregate mixes and resin colours. Brass outlines were fabricated off site and re-built like a jigsaw at each location.

Floor Strips Installed

Brass is fastened to metal mesh to ensure correct outlining once the coloured resins are installed.

Epoxy Resin Laid

The first colour is installed in all locations and care is taken to eliminate pollution of adjacent areas.

Terrazzo Floor Installed

Colours are built up on a daily basis until all resin colours are installed.

Grinding of Floor Logo

Grinding removes the top two or three millimetres of the resin terrazzo.

Grouting with Coloured Resin

Grouting is carried out using coloured grout. Whilst it is tempting to use a clear grout across all colours, our experience has revealed that depth of colour suffers if individual colours are not used.

Terrazzo Polishing & Sealing

All 24 installations were sealed using a clear resin with a thin film section to reduce the likelehood of future scratching.

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