Resin Terrazzo Incorporating Brass Wildlife

Two themed night-club bars

Grand Central Nightclub

Project Specifics

  • Size: 100 Square Metres in total
  • Timescale: 2 Weeks

Project Details - click images on right to zoom

From architects drawings....

Liverpool-based Dominic McGann, a pioneering architect, travelled the world on behalf of the new owners of the Grand Central night club. Based on a blend of Spanish and Italian designs he produced a set of unique drawings of two themed bar tops.

All metal decoration

The intenal structure was constructed of laser-cut metal, no tradtional building materials were used. Special paint effects complemented the colours of the broken glass and coloured resins forming the Terrazzo bar top.Brass wildlife completed the themes.

The birds and the bees...

With just a general idea of the layout from the drawings, Premfloors own interior designer patterned the butterflies and Sea Life to give the air of a bright , lively arena in which to socialise. Thanks to expertise with Multiple CAD packages, McGann was able to design and deliver laser-cut wildlife within 1 hour.

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