Resin Floors v Cement

Resins offer Chemical Resistance, Flexibility, Full Colour, and strength in thin section. By relatively simple means they can be made Anti-Slip and by utilising coloured aggregate can form the basis of patterned and themed flooring.

Terrazzo and variations.

Terrazzo is created by grinding to expose aggregate. The binder, which is the liquid component making the mix workable, is either cement(the traditional material), or a resin. Because resin is laid at 8mm, aggregate size is usually restricted to 3 or 4 mm.

136T Resin

The latest revolution in resins. Sprayed vertically or horizontally, completely jointless, sets in 3 Seconds and can be used within 5 minutes. Down- time is all but eliminated. 136T has chemical resistance and is always textured due to the high pressure spraying format.


These are used in Offices, light-duty industrial applications, and many dry environments. They come in a huge range of colours and textures and can be in tile or sheet format. Are susceptible to bubbling under damp/wet conditions.

Designer/Themed floors

Premfloor continue to experiment with different products and techniques. From a 40ft rotating LP at the Syndicate Nightclub, to a picture of Mickey Mouse, Stars and Stripes for Planet Hollywood and Leafy resin designs. You design it, we will lay it.

New Floor vs Refurb

Before condemming any floors, call us. With a long history of rescuing floors which have failed for one of numerous reasons, we develop engineered solutions and could save you huge costs. From grouting unstable slabs, to re-finishing heavily worn Terrazzo.

Pumped Screeds

Cementitious products which level floors up. Can be pumped at up to 1000 square metres a day. Traditionally covered up by other types of floor, but can be graded as a wearing surface. They are tough, slightly flexible, and can easily be pigmented.Usually around 8mm thick.

Hygienic and Clean-Room Flooring

Although vinyl and traditional resins are widely used, there is an issue with joints and bonding. 136T has neither problem as it is sprayed directly onto the wall, floor and ceiling for totally tanked finish. Can be pressure-washed, is flexible and comfortable

Car Park Decking

See 136T

Anti-Slip Floors

Using specialist machinery, we will introduce patterned grooves that are functional and attractive. These may be concentric circles or straight-forward grooves. Alternatively 136T resin can be sprayed as a heavily textured resin.

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