Install a White Resin and Marble Terrazzo

Creme De La Mer treatment room


Project Specifics

  • Size: 28 Square Metres
  • Timescale: 5 Days

Project Details - click images on right to zoom

White epoxy terrazzo in beauty section.

The ply floor was fastened at 150mm intervals in all directions to eliminate any unwanted movement. Timber butt joints were scrimmed, and switch boxes filled with resin, then ground and polished off site. Timber was primed.

White resin and white marble were mixed and hand-laid. Great care was taken to prevent the creation of airbourne dust during mixing as the adjacent treatment rooms were all functioning normally during the day. Our work was carried out on night-shifts

White leather furniture completed the luxurious fit-out, along with a complete wall of tropical fish tanks.

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