In-Situ Hand Laid Terrazzo Floor - Recreating Existing Pattern

Case Study: Recreation of an existing Terrazzo floor and pattern

Terrazzo Logos & Patterns

Project Specifics

  • Size: 25 m2
  • Timescale: 4 Weeks (Q4 2015)

Project Details - click images on right to zoom

Hand laid terrazzo floor showing signs of cracking

Before - Tree Roots Causing Cracking

The existing floor had been down for many years, and due to tree roots subsistence the subfloor had cracked meaning the terrazzo was also cracked and badly damaged. Client requested recreation of existing pattern/colours (Click right image to zoom)

Colour matching samples from old terrazzo to new

Before - Colour Matching & Sample Creation

We took a sample of the existing floor including borders, and ordered colour matched aggregates & cement

Screed installed and border template

During - Removal of existing floor

Our building contractor removed the existing (and very old) Terrazzo floor, and installed a brand new Ardex A35 screed with 142 Mesh and reinforced fibre glass. We then laid the border frame/template.

Installing in-situ terrazzo to the borders

During - Installation of border colours

There were 3 border colours to recreate, which have to be laid on alternate days

Installation of black terrazzo to border outline

During - Installing Templated Pattern

Using a bespoke moulding process, we installed a black border around the pattern. The mould was created by stenciling the original design, and recreating all the small intricacies associated with the previous design

Installing - grinding - sealing of colours in logo

During - Installation of Colours to Pattern

Once installed, the logo was ground, polished and sealed to provide protection

Fill in rest of terrazzo floor, grind, wash

Near Completion (Before Final Seal)

After the logo is complete, the main in-situ terrazzo floor is installed, left to cure, ground and washed.

Finished terrazzo floor including recreated colours & logo


Final floor is ready after a coat of sealant, polished and ready for client handover.

Various logos from Clients that Premfloor has worked with