New Production areas in Resin Terrazzo in 2001.

Warehouse converted to production areas.

Pharmaceutical Factory Floor

Project Specifics

  • Size: 4500 Square Metres.
  • Timescale: 5 Weeks

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Initial Tests and Investigations

Premfloor were tasked with interviewing the Technical Departments of the four market leading resin terrazzo manufacturers.The client provided material samples likely to contaminate the floor, and these were applied and left standing for at least 24 hours on sample panels.Price was only one of the issues, the other major aspects being guarantees, durability, cleanability, safety, and aesthetic considerations


Crack-Bridging Precautions

Before an epoxy terrazzo overlay is installed, day work joints are bandaged with glass fibre scrim which was set into a flexible epoxy resin. This underlay system was completely compatible with the terrazzo resin screed, and was used to reduce the likelihood of cracking of the concrete from transferring through to the screed.


Laying Resin Screed

By using specialist sledges, the resin screed was machine laid at an output of up to 500 square metres per shift. Trowelling was carried out with a Power Float which further sped up terrazzo finishing rates.

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Grinding Resin Terrazzo

Diamond grinding was employed to remove approximately 2 millimetres of the floor surface. The process was carried out dry, but dust was almost completley eliminated by efficient extraction on-board the grinders.

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Resin Grouting

To ensure that pinholing remained minimal, a pure coloured resin grout was trowelled across the floor. A slight excess of grout was left behind to be ground off during the finished stages.

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Terrazzo Polishing

Removal of the excess resin grout was carried out using fine diamond segments. To prevent a heat build-up and subsequent softening of the ground during its removal, water was used as a coolant during this phase.

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Sealing Terrazzo

Epoxy resin can be susceptible to gradual colour change as the result of attack by ultra-violet rays. To reduce the effect of this phenomenon, we sealed the terrazzo with a single coat of clear light-stable polyurethane varnish. 9 years later and there is no perceptible change, (now 2010)

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The Finished Floor

Take a look at the video of the finished floor.

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