Planet Hollywood Resin Terrazzo, Moscow

Create Corporate logo from poured terrazzo

Planet Hollywood

Project Specifics

  • Size: 170 Square Metres
  • Timescale: 3 weeks

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Out of this World!

Moscow 1996, we were contracted to install a resin terrazzo floor and entrance hall containing the Planet Hollywood logo. Raw materials were sent to site and each batch, containing up to nine aggregates was carefully blended and laid. The work also involved the casting of contoured stairs, and was declared a "Great Success" by Planet Hollywoods Vice President, who inspected the finished project (the biggest outside the USA).


Floor Divider Strip Layout

From a standing start, the concrete was prepared by dustless shotblasting, and the brass divider strips laid out in accordance with the Architects drawings. To prevent run-through of coloured resins at Brass Strip joints, it was essential that joint were perfect.


Installation of Red Resin

The red coloured resin strips were trowelled down. Each mix contained nine seperate components, including coloured glass chippings, two marbles, two granites, and powders. Great care was required to measure individual constituents correctly, to ensure a uniform output.


Red Resin Strips Complete

The first colour was allowed to set before the second coloured resin was installed. This prevented the possibility of colour cross contamination


Blue Epoxy Resin Installed

The second colour was installed and allowed to cure. Note that tape is used along the boundary with the first coloured strips to prevent cross-contamination of pin-holes.


Main Floor Ground & Sealed

Because of care and attention at all stages, colour seperation in the floor is perfect, there being no cross-colour contamination whatsoever.


Epoxy Floor Logo Complete

Bronze letter and stars have been installed, and infilled with terrazzo resin. Different hardnesses of bronze and epoxy floor means great care is needed during grinding, otherwise a wavy finish can result.

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