Polyurea - The Future of Rapid Setting Resin

Polyurea is a mega fast- setting resin system and is ideal for flooring, roofing, vehicle lining and hygienic floor and wall cladding. No waiting for curing, these floors can be trafficked within a minute making downtime a thing of the past. For a guaranteed performance based on CE certification, our Prokol 136T is moisture tolerant and warranted for up to 29 years depending upon the application.

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136T Polyurea, ideal flooring material with almost no down time

With a setting time of just 3 seconds and an installation speed of up to 800 square metres a day, polyurea enables early repossession of floors. Incorporating a variable anti-slip finish, its flexible nature makes it comfortable to work on, and quiet to traffic. Applied as a 2-3mm solvent-free sprayed finish in any RAL colour, It can be applied horizontally, vertically, and even overhead for a totally seamless, chemically resistant finish. The FR version will resist fires and is self extinguishing when ignited.

Roofing at record speed

Flexible, hard-wearing and with a setting time of just 8 seconds, new 136T roofing is sprayed onto existing finishes, or directly onto foam insulation panels.With an elongation of 700%, It is sprayed horizontally or vertically, and eliminates the need for lead flashing. With a reflective aluminium flake inbound, this is not only a highly funtional roofing material, but also aesthetically pleasing, and VERY durable, easily taking foot traffic at any time.

Vehicle Protection

Sprayed into the back of trucks, vans, and wagons, 136T offers fabulous protection against wear from not only against sliding tools, loose sand or gravel, and other abrasive media, but also spilt chemicals. Suitable for pressure washing, this anti-slip product is already widely used in refuse wagons, pick-up trucks and tipper wagons, and in its anti-microbial version, blood transportation vehicles. Bomb-proof at 40mm thick, 200 army landrovers are currently putting this product to test.

Hygienic clean room solution.

Applied by spray either vertically or horizontally, 136T is used on Floors, Walls and Ceilings which can be sprayed simultaneously creating a seamless, bonded covering suitable for steam-cleaning. Good chemical resistance and flexibility combine to make 136T comfortable to work on, and hygienic. Anti-Microbial versions eliminate many bacteria and viruses, including MRSA.

FI Foam Insulation

FI is Ideal to insulate lofts, cavity walls and the underside of commercial rooves. A completely dense foam that is sprayed in place to any thickness to bring immediate savings on heating and energy bills, and eliminates handling that itchy glass-fibre!

Tank Lining and Steel Protection

Polyurea is Ideal for lining tanks, wash-rooms, shower cubicles, and other wet environs. Anti-Microboial finishes ideal for shower room walls and floors, eliminating the need for tiles. A single 3mm thick sprayed coating acts as a DPM, anti-leak lining and wearing finish. It remains flexible and comfortable.

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