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Upminster Bridge - In-Situ Terrazzo Refurbishment

Before and after refurbishment of terrazzo at upminster bridge train station creating samples of in-situ terrazzo to match existing red floor During and after laying in-situ cementitious yellow and red terrazzo Cleaning the red part of the terrazzo floor pattern of upminster bridge station After applying a floor sealer at upminster bridge station View of the inside of upminster bridge station after floor refurbishment Operatives standing in doorway during night shift at upminster bridge station
Replacing Victorian In-Situ Terrazzo, Deep Clean, Polish & Seal


This heritage contract was carried out during weekend possessions. Typical of flooring installations from the early 1930s, the floor contained a high percentage of traditional in-situ terrazzo. There was extensive cracking, and areas failing due to heavy wear and lack of regular maintenance. Much of the in-situ required replacement, which we carried out with the approval of London Heritage.

Bullet Points

  • Replace 15% of floor with traditional In-situ

  • Hand mixed, laid & polished

  • Yellow, Red & Black

  • Retain Divider Strips

  • Weekend Working

  • Anti Slip & Heritage

Close up of terrazzo matrix used at Upminster Bridge


Samples of red terrazzo before installing into floor

We were pleased to provide a number of samples for Heritage consideration. Once these were approved and accepted, samples were cast and tested for slip characteristics.

Heritage & HSE

Person looking down at terrazzo floor in upminster bridge station

There was scant regard for particularly safe installation practices in the 1930s, or the slip potential of the finished floor. The task of providing a new, sealed, safe, old-looking "new" In-Situ floor was challenging, but eventually succeeded.

Prepare for New Terrazzo

Removed terrazzo from a floor with operative applying  bonding slurry to concrete slab prior to screeding

The existing terrazzo was suffering from extensive cracking and degradation and several panels required replacement. Our team carefully removed the failing terrazzo, whilst retaining the existing metal divider strips in the floor. We thoroughlly cleaned the area and applied a bonding slurry before screeding.


Applying sand cement screed to the base of in-situ terrazzo bays

We applied a fibre and polymer reinforced sand & cement screed to the base of new in-situ panels. This was plastic floated to leave a light texture ready to recieve the in-situ topping.

Installing Yellow In-Situ

Operative installing yellow in-situ terrazzo mix to a 40mm wide floor bay in upminster bridge station

In-Situ was hand mixed and gauged to maintain colour consistency. Some of the full bays replaced needed an overall depth of around 75mm (including screed.) Borders were also replaced.

Installing Red In-Situ

Installing red bespoke in-situ terrazzo mix to borders of floor

Aggregates for the red sections were sourced from abroad.

Grinding & Polishing

Operative grinding terrazzo floor in upminster bridge station

Wear and tear had taken their toll over the years. Pit-holing was quite extensive, and shortly prior to final grinding, pit-holes were cleaned out and grouted up with a colour-matched cementitious grout.


Operative cleaning terrazzo floor in upminster bridge station

A final clean-up before sealing.


2 operatives dealing terrazzo floor with anti slip sealer

Once the floor had dried out a generous coat of penetrative anti -slip sealer was applied as a finishing coat. After a minimal curing period, the station was re-opened.

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