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Terrazzo Staircase Cleaning in Reception

Before and after terrazzo staircase restoration in a reception Before and After side view of staircase showing cleanup of dirty terrazzo Terrazzo plinth cleaned & sealed Showing terrazzo aggregates marble and limestone before and after grinding/polishing Flight of terrazzo stairs freshly cleaned and sealed

Rapid Staircase Renewal for Flight of Terrazzo Stairs in Reception


Called in towards the end of an extensive fit-out, Premfloor were requested to deploy on short notice with the target of completing works over as short a time as possible. Work involved the repair of several damaged and chipped nosings, polishing all treads and risers along with two plynths and landings.


Building Site Environment

Abrasive Grind & Polish

Mosaic anti-slip tiles

Carefully avoided abrading mosaic

Matt finish

Weekend Working

Blue and white cementitious terrazzo floor

Existing Staircase

Dirty damaged terrazzo staircase with chipped nosings

The project was the main flight of stairs, a half landing, and three more steps leading to the first floor. A flat skirting was present throughout the area. The side of the stairs required polishing along with a 2m plinth located next to the stairs.

Deep Clean Stairs

Grinding staircase showing terrazzo before (dark) and during grind (light)

Residues of cement, self leveller, adhesive, dirt, grime were evident. We repaired areas of heavy scratching where previous preparation works were poorly done.

Cleaning Landing

Grinding the edges of a terrazzo staircase landing

The landing featured a flat skirting sitting on the terrazzo, and due to previous angle grinding was heavily scratched. Pitting had formed on the surface of the terrazzo which we reduced with several grades of diamond grinding and polishing.

Under Handrails etc.

Cleaning terrazzo in an awkward area underneath handrail

A white metal balustrade was present with square holes every other step. The balustrade also ran against the wall for around 1.5m making it challenging to clean completley, we were forced to use some cleaning solution where unreachable.

Plinth & Sides

Cleaning a terrazzo plinth in reception area, the top is clean but the upstand still dirty

Once all the awkward areas were completed, we started working on the ground floor terrazzo plinth and along the sides of the stairs. We successfully removed white paint, plaster and over 30 years of grime.

Clean & Seal Stairs

Sealing terrazzo staircase with high percentage solids metallised polish

Once we'd completed all nosing repairs and polishing, a comprehensive clean was conducted washing with fresh water and allowing to dry. Once dry, 2 coats of sealer were applied and allowed to cure overnight.

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