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Bespoke Projects

Bespoke resin terrazzo projects

Premfloor can create bespoke installation including logos, text, shapes and curves. Usually installed between 8-11mm, resin terrazzo can be supplied in a huge range of RAL colours, or pantone equivalents. There are a number of materials that can be used as divider strips to act as colour separators, typically brass, stainless steel, bronze or most commonly aluminium.

Retail & Commercial

Resin terrazzo floor in a shopping & retail environment

Resins exhibit virtually no shrinkage, and therefore can be laid in any shape, and to any size without the need for joints. If there is a sub-floor joint then this must be reflected in the terrazzo. Cracks caused by stress-relief which have probably finished moving, can be filled with resin and bandaged over.


Industrial resin terrazzo projects

Resin terrazzo is extremley hardwearing, has chemical resistance and is easy to maintain. As one of the hardest Ferfa floors rated 8 a 'very heavy duty trowel-finished aggregate filled system' it can be used in industral, factory & pharmaceutical environments. Should your project require a bespoke colour, aggregate and decorative finish, contact us today to discuss requirements.

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