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Shopping Centres

Picture of a refurbished shopping centre terrazzo floor

Shopping Centres across the UK extensivley feature terrazzo flooring due to it's hard wearing nature and ease of maintenance. We offer full refurbishment packages covering the repair of tiles, joints, holes, cracks, access covers and stain removal. Once the refurbishment is complete, we'll follow up with a complete diamond polish to blend in repairs and give the floor a thorough deep clean, seal and polish.

Supermarkets & Shops

Operative cutting joints during a supermarket terrazzo refurbishment

Because of the high footfall in Supermarkets, and the frequent changes in layout, a versatile floor is demanded. Terrazzo tiles fill this requirement with ease. Their maintenance is relatively cheap nowadays, with the advent of diamond polishing. The construction of the floors produces a solid, homogenous surface, and one that can be easily repaired and re-configured once layout changes have been made. We have extensive experience and case-histories in this field.

Airport Floors

Manchester airport gate with high shine terrazzo floor

Historically, our management team have worked with some of the major airports. For 7 years, we were responsible for the planned maintenance at Manchester Airport, Terminals T1, T2, and T3. We completed a full refurbishment project of Terminal 2 at Manchester , and also the North Terminal Terrazzo at Gatwick. We recently completed an extension to the baggage terminal at Manchester Airport T3 air-side.

Staircases & Landings

Midway refurbishing a terrazzo staircase showing before and during, clean and dirty

With anti-slip nosings built in, and a large range of colour combinations, the durability and value of terrazzo is amply demonstrated on stairs. Steam cleaning or pressure-washing can be utilised to clean them, and just as with most cementitious surfaces their repair and maintenance is reasonably priced and straight forward. Re-grinding can bring them back to an as-new finish. Cracks and chips from furniture and freight movement can be repaired, meaning that the whole-life cost of this product is minimal making it a value-for-money selection.

Terrazzo Toilets

Dirty, stained terrazzo tiled floor in mens toilet

In many older public buildings, terrazzo was frequently used in high traffic communal areas such as stairs, landings, lift lobbies and also toilets. Terrazzo is a very densely packed material, and when combined with the correct sealers and cleaning regime, it's abrasion resistance is incredibly high. It also offers some chemical resistance. Toilets often come with a coved skirting to improve hygiene by preventing liquid penetration behind the tiling.

Terrazzo Restoration

Heritage & listed building (train station) with red and cream in-situ terrazzo

Traditional in-situ terrazzo over the years can be prone to cracking when laid in large areas. Usually these cracks can be quite severe around bannisters, columns and other areas of high stress. Several repair methods are available ranging from traditional in-situ colour matched repairs with chippings (used for listed building restoration) or fast setting resin repairs for quick turnaround in office blocks where a trip hazard needs addressing.

Planned Maintenance

Tailored Monthly Packages

Regular visits during the year

Reduce overall annual costs

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Operative replacing terrazzo tiles in floor

Reactive Maintenance

Work is often rushed overnight

Can lead to tile & grout failure

Tiles can fail due to poor planning

Challenge finding good contractors

damaged terrazzo tiles - cracked and failing needing replacement

Commercial Turnkey Refurbishment Projects

Manchester Airport

manchester airport terminal 2 with terrazzo floor shining

Manchester Airport Terminal 2

Tile Refurbishment

Factory mid refurbishment showing floor tiles being laid, screed on floor and barriers dividing areas

Full Factory Refurbishment

Upminster Bridge In-Situ

Restoring in-situ terrazzo at upminster bridge

Upminster Bridge Heritage Restoration

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