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Tile Replacement

Replacing terrazzo tiles in a Waitrose

Our teams are experienced in retail environments, which normally require night shifts to complete the terrazzo tile replacements. The locations to work in nightly are normally pre-agreed between our tilers and night management although we understand that some flexibility is essential. Tile matching is usually carried out 4-6 weeks in advance, to ensure that there is a supply at contract commencement. On occasions where there is inadequate time for manufacture by one of our main suppliers, we can hand-make our own tiles, although it will be at a premium cost.

Joint Repairs

Holes in existing terrazzo tile

Grout can fail for a number of reasons, the three most common being stress through heavy loads consistently and repeatedly passing over, poor repairs carried out previously, or incorrect installation originally. The failing joints are raked out using diamond tipped blades which also clean the vertical sides for improved bonding of the new grout. Colour-matching of the joint material should be carried out in advance, and sufficient material mixed for the entire job. This eliminates the possibility of grout colour variation.


Holes in existing terrazzo tile

During the frequent re-organisations of shelving layouts, there are invariably a number of bolt holes left in the floor. These are unhygienic in food environments such as Supermarkets, and can present a trap for high-heeled shoes in areas of heavy footfall such as Shopping Centres. In the larger holes, which should be treated as a H&S priority, matching pieces of aggregate will be added to the resin in the hole, the whole being left 5mm proud. Due to the fast-setting nature of the resin, grinding can commence within a few minutes and thus no trip hazard is present after completion.

Planned Maintenance - Regular Maintenance For Your Terrazzo

Planned Maintenance

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