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Terrazzo Stairs - Repairs, Refurbishment & Restoration

Common Staircase Issues

Damage to Nosing

Damaged nosing on terrazzo stair

Terrazzo nosings are not usually protected by a modern day mechanically fixed cover. Heavy items dragged down the stairs could therefore create this kind of damage. Repair could involve the insertion of stainless steel into the new materials, depending upon the nature of the damage. Tapered edges must be cut to a vertical profile before repair.

Removal of Adhesive

Dull shine on a terrazzo floor

Where contract flooring has been removed from a staircase or landing, we are frequently faced with the proposition of removing a flexible adhesive or self-leveller. Wherever possible we prefer to effect this removal without recourse to chemicals, preferring the use of aggresive grinding discs. Fine polishing will remove resulting scratches and leave the area ready for polishing and sealing.

Handrails Removed

Holes in black terrazzo floor after removing a hand rail

Usually during a large fit-out, the handrail or balustrade will be upgraded and changed based on the architectural specification. Often the position of the supports for the new balustrade will be in different locations meaning holes will be left in the terrazzo. Our experience with stair projects enables to match colours and aggregates quickly to effect rapid re-builds.

Dirt & Grime

Dirty terrazzo staircase mid cleaning procedure

As a cementitious product terrazzo does need maintenance. A decent sealer will provide a good front-line of protection, but repairs to cracks, pitting holes and damage by chemical attack all need attending to as soon as they occur.

Damaged Skirting

Missing terrazzo skirting

The benefit of terrazzo coving is that it prevents water from penetrating the edge of the floor, eventually working its way underneath and gradually causing the floor to lift. Where coving is removed or fails we recommend that it is replaced or repaired urgently.

Anti Slip Damage

Anti slip strip in terrazzo tread damaged in need of replacement

Again, during the demolition stage of fit-outs or refurbishments, terrazzo stairs are often neglected. The picture shows a step after the existing nosing was removed. Previously adhered on with strong glue and also mechanically fixed, upon removal a considerable amount of the existing step was damaged. Great care must be taken when removing nosings, to provide the best chance of rescuing terrazzo underneath.

Terrazzo Staircase Projects - Resin & Cementitious

Reception Staircase

Terrazzo staircase in office reception during sealing

Reception Staircase Renewal

Apartment Block Stairs

Terrazzo stairs in apartment block with white anti-slip mosaics

Apartment Block Stairs

Hospital Stair Repair

Terrazzo stairs in apartment block with white anti-slip mosaics

Repairing Badly Damaged Nosing

Factory Stairs Renovation

Dirty terrazzo stairs with mind your step warning sticker

Cleaning Terrazzo Staircase

House of Fraser Repairs

Badly damaged staircase nosings at house of fraser, London

Repair of Nosings - House of Fraser

Old Staircase Restoration

During the refurbishment of a flight of stairs showing dirty one half and clean the other

Restoring Staircase & Toilets

New: Resin Terrazzo

resin terrazzo staircase sealed with operative giving thumbs up

Poured Terrazzo Stairs

New: Precast Resin

Pre-cast resin terrazzo stairs fitted with nosings

Resin Terrazzo Stairs

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