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Terrazzo Repairs

  • ✓ Broken Tiles
  • ✓ Repair Cracks
  • ✓ Failed Joints
  • ✓ Access Covers


Refurbishing a shop entrance terrazzo floor with angle grinder

Terrazzo Refurbishment


Deep scratches in terrazzo coving

Restoration & Renewal

Dull Shine & Colour

Before and after picture of dull and shiny terrazzo

Cleaning & Diamond Polishing

Terrazzo Tiling

Terrazzo Tiling Projects from Premfloor

Premfloor have experience over a wide variety of tiling projects. Terrazzo tiles mainly come in two different thicknesses, being 28mm or 20mm. The underside of the 28mm tiles is uneven, but since they are normally bonded into a fresh sand-cement screed, this unevenness is irrelevant. To achieve a uniform tile thickness, the backing can be ground off to produce calibrated tiles. These are generally around 22mm and can be laid straight into adhesive. Finishing of either system is by means of grouting, grinding and sealing.

In-Situ Terrazzo

In Situ terrazzo installation at london underground

In-situ terrazzo is a hand finished screed laid between 10 and 25mm. It is a blend of pigmented cement, chippings and water. In-situ traditions came from Italy, dating back to the 12th century, and require specialist knowledge. Due to cement shrinkage, when designing an in-situ floor, control strips (or 'bays') must be planned in. Distances between control strips vary depending on thickness of screed, reinforcement and substrate. Most common materials for the strips are brass, stainless steel or aluminium. Cementitous in-situ terrazzo is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, although slip potential must be considered. Epoxy Terrazzo, (also known as poured terrazzo) uses resins instead of cement, as the binder. Colour range is enormous and generally specified by a RAL reference. Epoxy isn't recommended for outdoor use, but there are certain polyurethane resins which could be used instead.

Supply & Install

Range of european terrazzo tiles available

We have a range of terrazzo tiles and samples available from the UK, Italy, Belgium and Malta. All suppliers are all ISO accredited. The range includes indoor and outdoor tiles. Tile sizes range from 300mm, 400mm and up to 600mm, with different finishes, and technical documentation is available. Premfloor can also match existing tiles or finishes for your new project.

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