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Shopping Centre Terrazzo Floors

braehead shopping centre showing both floors and staircase

Flooring Services from Premfloor

Slip Testing & Prevention

Operatives in a shopping centre grinding terrazzo tiles to clean & restore anti-slip

Premfloor are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of solutions to address all aspects of floor maintenance, including anti-slip testing. With decades of experience in re-polishing, replacing tiles, crack-repair, entrance matting problems, Man-Hole work, back-of-house resins, stairs, concrete repairs, and anything else, rest assured we will already have overcome most of the problems from which you may well suffer. From the biggest Shopping Centres to small Supermarkets, we can advise you based on years of proven track record.

Deep Clean & Seal

Premfloor operative pushing a scrubber diamond polishing the terrazzo floor in a shopping centre

Over the last 20 years we have cleaned and diamond polished some of the Country's largest Shopping Centre floors. Shop-fitters continue to use our services to re-instate thresholds and provide specialist internal floors.

Rejuvenate Joints

Clean repaired joints in a shopping centre terrazzo tile floor

Failing joints become unsightly if left untreated. Ariss damage can result from widening joints, and costly tile replacement will eventually result. Regular maintenance of your centre floor will eliminate the need for costly capital refurbishment projects Premfloor's maintenance program

Replace Failed Tiles

Replacing terrazzo tiles in a shopping centre

Over the years tiles can begin to fail in areas of high traffic. This usually coincides with joint failures leading to the tile moving vertically and horizontally, eventually disconnecting from the bed or cracking. The lifespan of a terrazzo can be up to 30 years if well maintained, and tiles coming up to their life expectancy should be reviewed on a recurring basis.

Repair Bolt Holes

Holes in terrazzo tiles requiring replacement

Moving displays, stands and barricades often means removing bolts from the floor. These holes are usually filled with a fast-setting concrete or mortar repair material, however should be repaired with a like-for-like replacement of the tile stone and colour.

Repair Damaged Boxes

Badly damaged terrazzo tile in electrical floor box

Floor boxes and access covers can quickly become damaged if they are not bedded level and flat. If a box isn't level to the floor, or the joints are not filled and flush with the floor, these boxes can quickly deteriorate and cause unsightly and unhygienic eyesores.

Re-tiling Areas

Terrazzo tiles broken out from floor ready to be retiled

When new stores are introduced in a shopping centre, invariably the fit-out process results in some of the surrounding terrazzo tiles being removed or damaged requiring replacement. In certain circumstances colour matched tiles (e.g. green) have been installed outside stores to reflect a companies branding in the shopping centre.

Centre Extensions

extension of terrazzo floor in the NEC

During large refurbishments or extensions, if the new floor is to be terrazzo tiles or resin terrazzo Premfloor can assist. Consultation with the technical design, supply, install, operations and maintenance of finished floors, expansion strips, access covers and interfaces to other floors.

Full Centre Refurbishment

shiny tiles terrazzo floor in a shopping centre with cars parked

Once a centre has reached a certain % of failed joints and has a significant number of tiles damage it may be time to consider a full terrazzo refurbishment with hundreds/thousands of linear metre joint replacement, and 100+ tiles replaced. A full refurbishment can take upwards of 20 night shifts to complete, and must be followed up with a complete diamond polish to blend in all repiars.

Refresh Stairs & Landing

Staircase landing during clean showing dirty & cleaned terrazzo

Often difficult to clean properly, corners and stairwells can become dirty and stained over time. As these areas are confined larger cleaning machines used daily to clean the mall cannot be used in small areas. Usually done with a mop and bucket, stairs and landings often build up considerable levels of grime - only to be revealed during a deep clean or restoration. Should you require a deep clean & re-seal we can assist in refurbishing your existing stairs.

New Terrazzo Stairs

Newly installed set of terrazzo stairs

Some projects may require new terrazzo stairs to be installed. These arrive in precast form and are often split into 4-5 horizontal pieces. These stairs must be fully grouted into place with a colour matched cement, and allowed to cure over the period of several days. Matching the existing terrazzo finish is a service Premfloor are able to assist in, and can procure stringers, risers, treads and all elements of staircases. If required we can also replace existing failing anti-slip strips on staircases.

Install Electric Cables

Channel in terrazzo tiles with operative breaking out screed

With technology increasing, many shopping centres are now looking for electrical cables wiring into the centre of the mall. This enables the use of powered computers such as interactive displays, usb charging for customers and powered rides for children. Premfloor can assist in this by working with centre managers procuring replacement tiles, removing existing tiles, working with electricians to install and chasing cables to entry points. All done during night shifts to ensure no downtime or inconvenience for the customers.

Shopping Centre Projects

Braehead Shopping Centre

Breahead shopping centre floor

Full Centre Refurbishment

Runcorn Shopping Centre

4 terrazzo tiles in a square with opposite colours

Shopping Centre Refurbishment

Full 24/7 Store Polish

Produce aisle in supermarket during terrazzo diamond polishing process

Diamond Polishing Supermarket

Electrical Wiring to Mall

Channel removed from terrazzo floor prior to installing electrics

Wiring electricity to centre of mall

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