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Braehead Shopping Centre

Terrazzo floor in the middle of a refurbishment showing shine top half, dirty bottom half Terrazzo floor in a shopping centre during polishing & refurbishment Diamond polishing the centre circle of the Braehead Shopping Centre terrazzo floor Braehead Centre - view of multi storey shopping aisles

Full Terrazzo Refurbishment

Joint Repairs

Terrazzo tile showing before and after joints being repaired

This was a 9,000m2 project in which we refurbished over 3,500LM of joints, hundreds of tiles, joints along expansion strips and around several floor boxes. The joint colour was standard white, and was removed using a combination of hand polishers and floor machines.

Rough Grinding Repairs

Various grinding marks left from replacing joints in terrazzo floor

Newly refurbished joints will stand out due to their matt appearance. Since the entire floor was to be diamond polished afterwards, then these repairs will be automatically blended in. If not, each is to be treated by localised diamond polishing to speed up the blending in process.

Full Diamond Grind

HTC 800 classic polishing terrazzo in a shopping centre

We opted for a 3 phase floor grinders to polish the terrazzo and blend in all repairs. This was done using minimal water and completed over a period of several weeks. Battery-powered wet vacs were on hand to remove the resultant light slurry. A case hardener/densifier was then applied to fill any micro pores revealed during the grinding and polishing process. A final buffing up provided the full shine.

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