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Runcorn Shopping Centre - ShoppingCity

before and after installing terrazzo tiles and movement joints Terrazzo tile replacement and installation of expansion/movement joint Before and after installing expansion strip, new matwell, replacing tiles and new tiles in multiple colours Photo showing tiles to be replaced and areas of damage on terrazzo floor in shopping centre Terrazzo floor in a shopping centre after refurbishment

Comprehensive Terrazzo Refurbishment

400LM Expansion Joints

Terrazzo floor tiles failed along an area of floor with movement, indicating expansion joint is needed

After numerous failures around the centre, it was determined that unsuitable expansion strips had originally been specified. Some had not been properly installed, but generally they were under-specified for the resulting movement within the floor. Over 400 linear metres of expansion joints were installed throughout the centre. This was completed in a live trading environment during night shifts. Temporary overlay flooring was installed where required.

New Pattern Squares

Two tone decorative terrazzo tile pattern in a square installed throughout runcorn shopping centre

Specified by the architect who was looking for a simple, but effective two colour pattern square. These were placed strategically along the outside of the malls helping to break up the monotony of white tiles in larger areas. Over 100 such new panels were installed during night shifts.

Tile & Joint Replacement

Numerous terrazzo floor joint failures in a shopping centre mall

Over 2,000 tiles were replaced, and around 3,500 linear metres of tile joints were raked out & renewed. Following completion of the tiling and repairs, the full centre was treated to a complete diamond polish, and sealed.

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