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Terrazzo Floor Tile Refurbishment

Boots Store showing before and after floor refurbishment

Before Photos

Trip Hazards

Trip hazard in the floor of a boots store

Following shelf moves, stand re-positionings, and general changes to the store layout there were plenty of holes and cracked tiles apparent. Some had been filled in with normal cement products as a temporary measure to ensure that the floor complied with all Health and Safety requirements.

Dull Shine

Dull shine on a terrazzo floor

Years of exposure to cleaning chemicals, foot traffic and general wear & tear resulted in the shine on the floor losing it's lustre.

Previous Repairs

Breaking out, removing and replacing existing repairs

Where supply of tiles is scarce or non-existent, it can sometimes prove necessary for contractors to effect temporary replacements using the closest match that can be achieved at the time. Normally this situation occurs where there is an urgent Health and Safety issue. A planned refurbishment affords the time to replace these repairs with a better match.

During Photos

Performing Repairs

Performing terrazzo repairs in a live store

Operatives were tasked with replacing joints, breaking out existing failed flooring and performing in-situ repairs. We used fast-setting colour matched resins, and colour matched marble aggregates from our stock.

Bespoke Tiles

Installing bespoke tiles to match existing floor

The terrazzo tiles were 500mm x 500mm, a size not favoured by modern manufacturers. We undertook the manufacture of these replacement tiles ourselves, achieving an excellent match. In some instances it proved necessary to trim and cut the tiles around power outlets in the floor.

Diamond Polishing

Diamond Polishing boots store

After the repairs were completed and ground off by hand, the floor was subject to a full diamond polish. Polishing began at a 60 grit, (which can be considered more grinding than polishing !), and finished at 800 grit. Sealing took place between two of the finer polishing stages, using a penetrative sealer.

After Photos


Photos of clean, fresh joints

We diamond cut and replaced around 750 Lin Metres of failed joints The trading success of this store resulted in unusually high wear and tear of the joints. This wear was exacerbated by stress resulting from the wheeled traffic necessary to continually replenish stock onto the shelves.

Matched Tiles

Close up of colour matched tile

Our colour matched tiles were a success, with minimal noticeable difference. We were able to save material for future repairs.

High Shine

Diamond polished terrazzo in boots store

Following on from a complete grind, polish & seal, the floor looked a lot brighter and cleaner.

polished terrazzo tile floor in entrance to boots store in shopping centre Main aisle of boots store following complete diamond polis

Job Details: Live Store Refurbishment


This project was completed at a live Boots store on behalf of an FM company. We carried out the full job during night shifts, which involved managing interactions with staff & other contractors. The project ran approximatley 3 1/2 weeks. Our remit was to perform numerous repairs to existing tiles, replace several areas with new bespoke matched tiles and diamond polish the entire store.

Bullet Points

Dust control in live store

Joint & Tile Repairs

Bespoke Tile Replacements

Access Cover Repairs

Full Diamond Polish

Dates: Nov 2015 - Dec 2015

Photo of damaged terrazzo access covers

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