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Deep Clean Terrazzo & Diamond Polish

Before and after photo showing convenience store diamond polishing damaged and dirty terrazzo floor showing sunken tiles and heavy stains terrazzo floor in the process of deep clean cleaning water on the floor of a shop mid diamond polish clean and sealed terrazzo floor in a convenience store produce aisle

Before Photos


Close up of pitting in a terrazzo tile

This floor had been seriously neglected and was exceptionally heavily textured. Pitting was prevalent, as were poor levels, excessive staining and a plethora of holes.

Deep Stains

Picture of stained terrazzo floor

The removal of stains was completed using heavy-duty grinding. Where staining was excessively deep, tile replacement was necessary.

Sunken Tiles

Sunken tiles in convenience store floor

Some of the terrazzo tiles sank over the years meaning that a considerable amount of heavy-duty grinding was required. Prior to this we established that the residual depth of the terrazzo within the tile supported this action.

During Photos

Hand polishing

Hand polishing terrazzo in convenience store

Hand polishing proved necessary in several locations to remove severe stains to correct levels prior to polishing taking place, and around awkward edges.

Machine polishing

Installing bespoke tiles to match existing floor

To reduce inconvenience to our client or the main contractor, and progress quicker, we frequently move onto night working. Big floor polishers certainly help to reduce contract times, but there is always a requirement for hand-polishing in awkward areas.

Cleaning & Sealing

Sealing terrazzo floor in convenience store

Following a thorough clean the floor was treated with two coats of traditional water-based terrazzo sealer, with a suitable drying time between each coat.

After Photos


Close up of a double sealed terrazzo tile

After completing the diamond polish, the floor was treated with two coats of a branded topical sealer. This improved abrasion and chemical resistance giving an anti-slip yet moderate wet-look. Cleaning and maintenance were also rendered significantly easier.

Cleaner Aisles

Clean & shiny convenience store aisles

After polishing light reflection was significantly increased. Together with the new lighting installed during this refurbishment, the new floor instilled a bright, feel-good factor for shoppers.

Clean Food Areas

Clean high shine terrazzo floor in food area of convenience store

The fridge & freezer aisle featured a yellow lighting effect, and when combined with the new spotlights from above gave a great overall shine.

Closed Store Refurbishment


Premfloor were called in at a late stage to help finish a small convenience store refit. We discovered an old, very dirty floor, which was uneven and in some places showed badly lipped tiles. The terrazzo was 30+ years old, and had been subject to severe chemical attack resulting in some very heavy textures. In several areas tiles had sunk by as much as 5mm. To reduce both the program and inconvenience to other trades, we transferred from days to night-working for most of the project.

Bullet Points

Mix of Day & Night Shifts

Deep Clean

Edge Polishing

Working with other contractors

Full Diamond Polish

Dates: May 2017

Image showing terrazzo floor with raised areas

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