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Terrazzo Toilets - Refurbishment & Restoration

Pub Toilet Refurbishment

Pub toilet terrazzo tiles being deep cleaned

Removing lipped tiles and deep clean of 1950s terrazzo. Heavy grinding to remove deep stains, up to 5mm taken off in parts. Repairing joints with colour matched material, and seal with impregnating solvent-based sealer.

Restoration of Toilets

close up of terrazzo toilet coving before and during cleanup

50 years of dirt & grime building up in toilet coving and on the floor. This was a curved / coved skirting requiring different cleaning techniques and specialist equipment. Performed a deep clean, and removal of bad pitting & scratches followed by 3nr coats of protective sealer.

RESIN - New Toilets

London theatre toilet before installation of resin terrazzo

Picture of a toilet before installing resin terrazzo to a historical London theatre. Working from a strip out, the old quarry tiles were removed and replaced with a bespoke grey terrazzo used throughout the toilets in the theatre.

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