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Library Terrazzo Restoration - Toilets, Stairs & Landings

Grade 2 listed building from 1938

Before and after terrazzo floor restoration in library toilet Close up of damaged terrazzo coving including heavy scratches Close up of cleaned terrazzo restoration with a picture of coving before Terrazzo facade during cleaning process showing heavy scratches Dirty damaged terrazzo in toilet Terrazzo toilet after cleaning and refurbishment

Before Restoration

Dirty Stairs

Dirty and stained terrazzo staircase

The main feature of this project was a staircase which needed a complete deep clean, grind, polish & seal. The staircase had a half landing with coving, which led into one of the toilets we restored.

Heavily Soiled

Heavily stained terrazzo coved skirting

Previous attempts at restoration had caused severe damage. Grinding marks, gouges and cuts were all retaining dirt. So too was the heavy texture resulting from the use of aggressive cleaning chemicals.

Missing Terrazzo

Missing terrazzo during restoration

The removal of walls as part of the refurbishment revealed floors of different heights on each side. Mixes were slightly different, a fact which we bore in mind when re-instating the patches between the floors.

During Restoration

Restoring Staircase

Abrasivley cleaning terrazzo staircase

Due to the intricate nature of the staircase, a range of specialist tools were needed. Each tread overhung the riser by approximately 40mm. Great care was required around the old hand-rails, and here we implemented the use of oscillating tools instead of grinders. The oscillators, (multi-tools) have a variety of head shapes enabling them to gain access to awkward locations.

Removing Scratches

Removing heavy scratches and cleaning terrazzo

Previously cleaned with aggressive tooling, the stringer facade on the staircase contained deep scratches caused by angle grinder marks digging in and being left.

Laying In-Situ

In-situ repairs being installed into floor & skirting

Missing channels were replaced with a colour matched terrazzo using traditional methods. This was a pigmented white-cement based materials, with a marble aggregate and marble dust infil.

After Restoration

Staircase Finished

Polished & sealed terrazzo staircase

We polished and sealed the terrazzo staircase with 3 coats of sealer. This offers excellent abrasion resistance, helps with slip co-efficient and protects the stone from further staining.

Scratches Removed

Terrazzo stringer cleaned with scratches removed

Due to the depth of scratching, we had to significantly grind and polish the surface of all affected areas. The result was flat clean terrazzo which will not collect dirt, making it much easier to clean.

Polished & Sealed

Colour matched in-situ terrazzo after repairs

The colour matched terrazzo was installed to all missing skirting & flooring, and when polished was a close match to the original colour.

Restoration of Terrazzo as part of a fit out project


Premfloor were called in to assist in the cleanup & repair of terrazzo in a library, A Grade II listed building undergoing significant restoration. There were several aspects to the job including installing colour matched in-situ terrazzo, cleaning and repairing a staircase & landings and cleaning the terrazzo in toilets which featured a cove skirting throughout.

Bullet Points

Eliminate Severe Previous grinder marks

Colour match repairs

Repair and Re-polish stairs

In-Situ terrazzo

Deep clean - heavily stained

Dates: July 2017

Premfloor operative sanding badly scratched terrazzo

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