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Pub Toilet Floor - Heavy Duty Grind, Polish & Seal

Before and after restoring dirty terrazzo floor in pub toilet

Turning dirty lipped tiles into a clean sealed surface

Project Description

Premfloor completed a 50m2 deep clean & refurbishment of 4 toilets in a quirky pub. The original floor was suffering from bad lippage, uneven levels and multi-coloured failing joints. We were on site for a number of days & nights refurbishing 4 toilets in total on different sides of the pub. A fit-out was taking place meaning some of the toilets were decorated, and some were being used by other contractors.


Building Site

One Toilet Kept Open

Near butt-jointed tiles

Pub Refurbishment

Terrazzo Tiles

Day & Weekend Working

Aggregate used in light coloured terrazzo floor in pub toilet

Badly Lipped Tiles

Bad lippage in terrazzo tiles on pub toilet floor

This floor was laid with very tight joints decades ago (40-50 years), with thin joints of approx 1-2mm. The tiles were suffering from lippage due to being poorly laid originally. We used an aggressive diamond disc to flatten the tiles over all toilets, which helped strip off all contaminents before polishing. Having a flat floor makes it considerably easier to clean & more hygienic.

Repairing Joints

Joints cut out of a terrazzo tiled floor next to door

Some of the joints were in such bad condition, we decided to replace them all in several locations. Many had also been filled with OPC instead of a complementary color to the tile. The joints were not lining up, in some places around 4mm out. Once cut we filled the joint with a colour match fast setting resin, and ground the joints flush with the floor.

In Situ Repairs

Repairing hole in a terrazzo skirting in-situ using fast setting resin

Picture above shows a freshly ground in-situ repair on the coved skirting. We then 'top up' the repair with another coat of the same colour resin and polish until all pinholes are filled. This was repeated in around 40 locations in the floor and skirting.

Dirty and uneven terrazzo tiles with bad lippage During terrazzo refurbishment cleaning & levelling the tiles and repairing an in-situ skirting Terrazzo tiles after refurbishment and deep clean

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