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Cleaning Terrazzo Staircase in Factory

Before and after terrazzo staircase restoration in reception Terrazzo riser showing heavy scratching and dirt before cleaning Dirty terrazzo staircase corners before and after abrasive cleaning Before and after showing dirty terrazzo on left and clean terrazzo wall on right U shaped flight of terrazzo stairs and landings freshly cleaned and sealed

Renovation of Staircase in Factory

Project Description

Premfloor were approached by a fit-out contractor and requested to refurbish a staircase out of hours. The stairs had not been refurbished since new (estimate) 1970s and were regularly cleaned with a heavy duty degreaser. Initially we cleaned with a strong de-greaser, then ground the steps with a coarse carborundum disc.

We eventually fine diamond polished the entire staircase, after repairing several cracks on stairs and landings.There was detailed work around the handrails and balustrade requiring the use of specialist tools. A small vertical section of terrazzo facade which required cleaning required scaffolding to complete. The necessary H&S steps were implemented to facilitate this work.


Live Environment

Abrasive Grind & Polish

Ebonite Anti Slip Strips

Dust Control

Matt finish

Night Shifts

Close up of factory terrazzo aggregate marble chippings

Existing Staircase

Close up of terrazzo riser showing grime from cleaning with degreaser and 'please wipe your feet' sticker

The existing staircase was in above average condition, with regular daily cleaning having been done for a number of years. The staircase consisted of 3 small flights, 2 small landings and a border along the mezzanine. The sides of the stairs required polishing too.

Deep Clean Stairs

Terrazzo tread, riser and anti-slip strip during cleanup removing sealer

We started cleaning the risers and treads with abrasive discs evenly and thoroughlly removing all existing sealer, grime and contaminents built up over the years. A small cove was present between the tread and riser meaning careful polishing was required so as not to leave any cuts or indentations in it.

Stair Sides

Cleaning sides of terrazzo staircase

Vertically grinding the stair sides removing several layers of dirt and grime, carefully working round any hand rails, and leaving nice smooth corners.


angle grinder with cupstone and dry vac cleaning terrazzo landing

The landings were heavily stained from either pooled water or excessive cleaning solutions. We performed a heavy-duty grind to eliminate the stains, and carefully worked round the handrail and perimeter.

Cracks & Repairs

repairing cracks on a terrazzo staircase between tread and riser

We repaired around 8 linear metres of cracks and 30-40 areas of damage across the staircase. This was done with colour matched fast setting resin, and ground off to a reasonably smooth finish. We repaired seversl cracks resulting from a new hand-rail installation previously fitted.

Clean & Seal Stairs

Premfloor operative cleaning & sealing flight of terrazzo stairs

Following on from the grouting and fine polishing, the entire staircase was again washed down and thoroughly cleaned. Once dry, two coats of a specialist terrazzo sealer was applied. The sealer chosen was of an anti-slip nature, and improved the chemical resistance of the staircase.

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