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Match & Extend Existing Terrazzo Staircase

Photo showing before & after of a resin terrazzo installation to metal staircase Wide shot of finished resin terrazzo staircase in office environment Top down shot of existing staircase with recreated terrazzo staircase below Black resin terrazzo landing with silver balustrade and glass partition Victor Sprite buffing resin terrazzo stairs

Delivering a Colour & Aggregate Matched Staircase


Premfloor were requested to match an existing 1950s black terrazzo staircase. The builder had converted the basement into offices, and a new staircase was fitted. Treads and landings were formed from empty steel trays used to recieve our poured terrazzo. Due to time constraints and challenges with different steel heights we completed the project using in-situ. As it was a working office, it was requested to work through the night and also monitor noise & dust.


Night Shifts

2 Flights, 1 Landing

In-Situ Resin Terrazzo

Colour & Stone Matching

Anti-Slip Tape

Dates: Jan 2017

Close up of resin terrazzo aggregate used in black treads and landing

Before - Empty Steel Staircase

Matching Existing Stairs

Existing terrazzo staircase Premfloor were requested to match

The existing staircase was a black matrix with a mixture of marble chippings roughly 2-8mm. Sample-matching using dried aggregates ensured a superb match for the finished terrazzo.

Working Environment

Image of steel staircase enclosed in wooden hoarding

We were tasked with working in a contained area, with task lighting and limited space. Total control of dust was essential, since only a timber partition seperated us from the luxurious office reception.

80mm Deep Landing

Steel staircase with empty landing prior to terrazzo

Substantial grinding experience was called for to blend in several different levels of steel used to form the new treads and landings.

During - Installing Two Flights & Landing

Laying Epoxy Resin In-Situ

Hand laying epoxy resin terrazzo in-situ to a staircase

Treads and landings were firstly filled with a solid epoxy/sand screed base. The steps and landing were flood grouted with pure resin to kill any absorption. After this had cured, the black resin terrazzo topping was applied. This was laid to approximately 12mm, and left to cure overnight.


Checking the levels of a stair

Each tread was individually hand ground and checked for flatness. We ensured the stairs were level, and proceeded with a 2 stage grouting process to fill pinholes.


Polishing resin terrazzo landing with buffing machine

We then polished the stairs & landing with a seven step process removing all scratches, finally sealing with a PU sealer and finishing with several coats of metallised polish.

After - Return Visits

1 Week After

Finishing installation of resin terrazzo stairs

A week later our client sprayed any exposed metal with black gloss paint.

Stairs - Months Later

Resin terrazzo stairs completed after fit out

Two flights of seven stairs were completed overall, and the final stage was to install anti-slip tread tape to match existing.

Finished - Months Later

Landing of resin terrazzo staircase showing shine and hand rail

Due to several different levels within the landing structure, we utilised many years of experience in providing a stunning looking end product.

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