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Case Study: Resin Terrazzo in Theatre Toilets

Before/After of resin terrazzo in London theatre toilets Before and after photo of terrazzo precast stairs Theatre toilet floor before breaking out Photo of premfloor operative priming old screed prior to installing epoxy screed Installing epoxy screed over existing primed substrate Picture of Premfloor Operative installing resin terrazzo in-situ with a trowel Finished Sealed Resin Terrazzo Floor in Theatre Toilet Close up of terrazzp mix toilet with resin terrazzo floor Premfloor operative applying sealer to resin terrazzo floor Precast resin terrazzo stairs installed into london theatre with quantum nosings

Custom Designed Resin Terrazzo Toilet Flooring


Premfloor were contacted to recreate a tile design from resin Terrazzo. The base colour was RAL 7015 with various marble chippings. The client was looking for a seamless, easy to maintain floor whilst fitting out 6 sets of toilets in a popular London theatre. We were tasked with individual site visits installing Resin Terrazzo on each.

Bullet Points

Extremley tight timelines

Noise Restrictions due to rehearsals

2 Matinees, challenging working hours

No weekend working

Bespoke Resin Terrazzo

In-Situ Hand Laid

Dates: Jan 2016 - Oct 2017

Challenges of working in a theatre, lack of space


Sample Creation

Creating a resin terrazzo sample for theatre toilet project

After several attempts we finally created an acceptable match for the tile, as shown above. The blend of aggregates centres around various marbles, along with other selected ingredients.

Existing Toilets

Old dark tiles prior to removal & fit out

The existing toilets had been down for many years. Given the challenges of working in Theatre fit-outs are typically carried out every 10 years. Premfloor seamless resin terrazzo offers an attractive, long term, almost maintenance-free surface.

Strip Out

Theatre toilets following complete strip out, showing tile adhesive

Our starting point was floor tiles, wall tiles, fixtures & fittings removed. Challenges we face include going round drainage pipes, holes & channels in the floor from existing drainage etc, and varying levels previously addressed with dollops of tile adhesive.


Removing Rotten Wood

Removing rotten wood from a floor

The old theatre floors are a mixture of old terrazzo, rotten wood, newer chipboard, ply wood and concrete. Where the wood is rotten or damp, we request it removed and replaced with a marine grade ply properly fixed. All substrates must be solid, dry and given a rough key.

Surface Preparation

Preparing the floor using a diamond grinder

We pcd & diamond grind through adhesive, contaminants, latex etc. It's always our preference to affix resin terrazzo to the lowest most secure substrate possible, often bonding to an epoxy screed. We have limited space and power (110v) on site so larger machines are not always practical, also having to be transported up to 7 flights of stairs and stored away every day in the basement.

Epoxy Mortar & Screed

Epoxy screeding theatre toilet floor

Where required, we use an epoxy screed to raise levels, repair holes, scrim cracks, reinforce edges and plug gaps to provide a solid substrate. Epoxy screed results in an extremley solid substrate which can be quickly adhered to due to no presence of moisture. We opt for a sand rich screed, topping up the following day to ensure full strength.

Lay Terrazzo Screed

Hand laying in-situ resin terrazzo

Using trowels we hand lay the screed to approximatley 10-14mm. The pot life on epoxy screed is around 30 minutes in this theatre. Each mix is 4 parts (resin, hardener, fine aggregates, coarse aggregates), we usually complete 4-5 mixes per hour due to the space and working time restrictions. In the photo above we are installing terrazzo onto a flexible membrane we applied to a wooden floor (in sweltering summer temperature)

Grind & Polish

Diamond polishing resin terrazzo with HTC machine

We start grinding the freshly laid epoxy usually between 18-30 hours after it's been laid depending on time of year (the epoxy must be properly cured.) We utilise our HTC 420 for grinding smaller areas and carrying up flights of stairs. This is due to lack of an elevator and three phase power available on site. The HTC 420 lets us grind the floor flat with dust control measures in place.


Sealed resin terrazzo

Once we've ground, grouted and polished the terrazzo, we then move onto sealing the floor. The floor must be cleaned thoroughly, mopping and cleaning any residue from the polishing processes, or removing any marks caused by foot traffic. Sealer is applied with a short pile roller or applicator and we apply three coats.


Precast Terrazzo Stairs

Precast resin terrazzo stairs with nosings

Working through the 6 sets of toilets in the theatre, two of the female toilets feature pre-cast stairs we supplied & installed with #51 ivory quantum sf225r nosings [link].

After Sealing

Photo showing theatre toilets after sealing

The above photo is taken after applying multiple coats of sealer. We didn't want a wet look floor so after the sealer has dried it lightens and improves abrasion & stain resistance.

After Fit-Out

Close up of theatre toilet floor

Our client is a high end specialist fit-out contractor, their work is always completed to an extremley high standard, transforming every set of toilets after our floor was finished.

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