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Showing a UK supermarket before and after diamond polishing

Polishing Process

Operative diamond polishing in a supermarket

Our friendly, experienced operatives will work alongside your staff & customers in retail environments. When polishing a store we prefer to use battery powered equipment where possible to avoid issues with cables The process starts with a coarse diamond pad to remove the heavy contaminants, dirt, etc., which has accumulated. Work progresses through stages each of which is progressively finer, and giving a higher shine. It is important to establish the amount of gloss required prior to commencement of the polishing.

Blending in Repairs

Terrazzo repair marks remedied by diamond polishing

During a refurbishment, when repairing terrazzo with power tools, the floor is left finished with a coarse pad - usually a 60-120 grit finish around the tiles or joints which have been replaced. This means the area which has been repaired won't match the rest of the floor's shine and will require blending in. When conducting a significant amount of repairs, you'll need to diamond polish the area to ensure the tiles all look the same and blend in with the rest of the terrazzo.

Applying a Sealer

Sealing terrazzo whilst diamond polishing

There are hundreds of sealers to choose from, but they fall into two main categories being penetrative/reactive, or topical. Topical sealers present a physical barrier between the surface of the terrazzo and foot traffic. They need occasional replacement, and generally benefit from being buffed to a shine. Penetrative sealers sink into the actual surface and chemically bond to the mix. Some actually grow crystals within capillary tubes to fill all pin-holing and densify the surface, thus rendering it impermeable.

Planned Maintenance

Tailored Monthly Packages

Regular visits to your property

Maintain a clean, shiny floor

Peace of mind for estate managers

Can be included in budgets

A shiny, well polished, high grit floor

Reactive Maintenance

Most cleaning teams fine polish

Regular cleaning doesn't cut floor

Areas in need of deep cleaning dull

Challenge finding good contractors

Picture showing before and after diamond polishing
Floor Before - reflection in terrazzo dull, not easily visible

Unpolished - Dull, low clarity of logo

Floor During - starting to see clarity & shine on logo

Semi Polished - Reflection, partial clarity

Floor After - increased brightness, shine and clarity of logo

Fully polished - shine, reflection & high clarity

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