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Supermarket Terrazzo Repairs & Refurbishment

Joints between terrazzo tiles cut and filled in a supermarket

Joint Repairs

Terrazzo tile joint being filled with fast setting resin

When joints fail they become dirty and accumulate germs getting worse over time. To remain clean & hygienic, the process is to cut out the failing joint, install a new joint and grind flush with the existing floor tile. It's better to do larger areas (such as the big photo above) to keep all joint colours consistent. Replacing joints piecemeal can result in varying colours from several terrazzo contractors.

Tile Replacement

2nr damaged (cracked) terrazzo floor tiles in supermarket

When tiles begin to fail it can quickly become detrimental to the appearance and functionality of a store. During the night heavy electrical pallet trucks run up and down whilst stocking the shelves. If tiles aren't replaced properly, damage can worsen quickly along the edges of the tile cracks.

Clean & Polishing

Two nilfisk scrubber dryers diamond polishing a terrazzo floor in supermarket

Following a large number of repairs the store will require a full diamond grind & polish. Most in-house cleaning machines operate on a higher grit such as 1500 twister pads, these pads will not be effective when blending in 80 grit marks left from repairs from a terrazzo contractor.

Hole Repair

Holes in supermarket terrazzo floor tile from bumper rail being removed

Holes frequently appear around the corners of aisles where promotions have ended or new types of bumper rails have been installed. They can also occur along the back wall behind checkouts when new stands, displays and boards are put up.

Stain Removal

stains around joints in a supermarket floor

Stains can range from red wine, bleach, vinegar, orange juice all the way through to moisture coming up through the joints. Once a stain has been diagnosed it can be treated. Several treatments exists, however due to the nature of supermarkets, it's usually addressed with a harsh cleaner and abrasive grinding pads.

Floor Boxes

Damaged aluminium floor box with failing terrazzo tiles, dirty joints

Usually the worst-maintained part of supermarket terrazzo. Constantly showing signs of damage, you'll be hard pressed to find a supermarket with all access covers in-tact. This is because of movement - the frames and tiles in the frames are subject to lots of vibration. This is usually because the frames are not sitting flush with the floor having been lifted and dirt trapped underneath.


Terrazzo floor tiling extension in a supermarket

When extending into a new area, moving counters & delis or reinstating a large area of terrazzo tiling, Premfloor can help. We have experienced operators to tile quickly & safely overnight enabling trade to continue the following day. In areas of extensive tiling (such as photo above) several days will be required before complete requiring temporary covering throughout the busier times.

Moving Shelves

heavy staining revealed on terrazzo floor during movement of shelves on shop floor

On the rare occasion that shelves are moved or repositioned in a supermarket, the terrazzo underneath may have a weathered or darker appearance. This is caused from staining, less exposure to sunlight or years of no cleaning. Premfloor can restore these works with our in-house equipment, battery powered with no dust or mess.

Drainage & Services

Tiles removed in a supermarket showing services running under the floor

Where required we can work alongside project managers during service installations e.g. condensate drainage by assisting with cuts up to 350mm, breaking & removal, and tiling services to cover once complete.

During and after retiling an access cover in the floor with terrazzo tiles

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