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Reactive Replacement of Terrazzo Tiles


Damaged terrazzo floor tile filled with concrete, 4 terrazzo tiles to be installed

This supermarket had a number of tiles failing throughout the store. Temporary repairs using fast-set concrete products had satisfied immediate H & S requirements, and as soon as adequate tiles were available, we were appointed to install them.


Installing a semi dry sand & cement screed

We cut around the tiles to a depth of 70mm, broke out the existing patched tiles and replaced the screed with a new one. The replacement tiles were set into the screed onto a bed of slurry, and knocked into place.


Finished installing replacement terrazzo tiles

Within a short time of the tiles being satisfactorily bedded, all joints were cleaned before a colour-matched resin grout was applied to them. The fluid grout was liberally applied to the joints and encouraged to penetrate to the full depth of the tile. A slight surplus was left on the surface of the tile, (typically 2 or 3mm), and subsequently ground down and polished. A sealer was applied to the finished surface. Fast-setting products were used throughout since the early-morning store cleaners would be trafficking the floor with cleaning machines, within 2 hours of completion.

Terrazzo tiles installed into supermarket produce aisle with wet floor signs

Planned Maintenance - Maintaining your Tiled Floor

Planned Maintenance

Tailored Monthly Packages

Regular visits to your property

Keep tiles & joints maintained

Peace of mind for estate managers

Maintained Joints in terrazzo floor

Reactive Maintenance

Less cost effective

Problems gets worse over time

H & S hazards taped for months

Challenge finding good contractors

Damaged anti-slip carborundum strip in terrazzo floor

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