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Main Centre Aisle Joint Replacement

Before and after showing terrazzo joint replacement and polish of main centre aisle Premfloor operative routing out defective joints in a supermarket terrazzo floor Premfloor operative cutting joints in a terrazzo supermarket floor, showing prefiously replaced joints on right

Replacing joints in a supermarket main aisle, followed up with diamond polish

Project Description

To rake out and renew 2,600 linear metres of sunken & failing terrazzo joints. Failed grout was cut out and replaced, then polished with coarse, medium and fine abrasive discs, on machines fitted with dust control. The aisles were then diamond polished with battery operated cleaning machines fitted with a variety of diamond pads. The entire area was sealed & buffed on completion.



Straw coloured grout

Terrazzo Tiles

Diamond Polish

Night Shifts

Weekend Working

Tesco terrazzo tile aggregate

Cutting & Filling Joints

cutting terrazzo joints with hand held cutter perpendicular to existing cut & filled joints

Joints were cut to approximately 10mm depth using diamond-tipped blades. Vertical edges were cleaned by the cutting and improved the bonding for the new grout. Dust-control was utilised to ensure that dust was at a minimum during the cutting and grinding processes.

Grinding Joints

hand grinding resin from terrazzo tiles in a supermarket

A combination of hand and machine grinding was employed to remove excess grout, leaving a flat finish ready for polishing. Where joints had sunk these were topped up prior to the final polish.

Diamond Polishing

two diamond polishing cleaning machines on an aisle in supermarket

Two powerful ride-on machines enabled us to complete the diamond polishing in a very fast time, thus reducing client down-time.

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