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Before and after picture of a terrazzo staircase restoration

Terrazzo Staircases

Completed restoration of a 3 flight terrazzo staircase

This aspect of our work is one of the most challenging. Health and Safety considerations need serious discussion and consultation, particularly if there is work to do at a higher level, often the case at the head of the stairs for instance. If the existing anti-slip finish is to be retained, care must be taken not to reduce its co-efficient of friction by grinding. Dust control during grinding is difficult due to the profile of the stairs making the creation of a total vacuum behind the grinding tool impossible. Unless wet grinding is employed, or work is carried out within the confines of a tent, there will be some dust.

Coving & Skirting

Operative cutting joints during a supermarket terrazzo refurbishment

The use of skirting and coving was particularly prevalent in Victorian times and before. Heritage contracts, (such as the library shown in our toilets and restrooms section), often used profiled skirtings which require very careful refurbishment. The original section of the skirting must not be affected by over-exuberant grinding, and the procurement of similar aggregates and dyes needs special attention. Where new sections of in-situ are required, they are usually applied to a sand-cement backing installed 24 hours previously.

Toilets & Restrooms

Restored terrazzo floor and coved skirting in a toilet

Many listed & older buildings feature Terrazzo in the toilets. It's an incredibly hardwearing and durable seamless floor, and when complemented with a coved skirting provides an easy to clean and hygienic environment. Over time in-situ tends to crack, and the chemical attack from people using the facility and cleaners with very aggressive chemicals, will degrade it. Refurbishment involves a number of processes including dustless shot-blasting, steam-cleaning, hand grinding, polishing and sealing. Apart from this, the colour-matching of 100 year old materials is not so straight-forward.

Planned Maintenance with Premfloor - Keep Your Floors Clean & Hygienic

Planned Maintenance

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Terrazzo stairs kept well maintained

Reactive Maintenance

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Cracks occuring in terrazzo floor of a toilet in listed building

Restoration Projects

Town Hall Terrazzo

Restoration and renewal of a town hall terrazzo floor

Town Hall Restoration

Marble Stairs & Landing

Restoring a badly damaged marble staircase

Restoration of Marble Stairs

Upminster Station

Upminster Bridge terrazzo restoration

Upminster Bridge In-Situ

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