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In-Situ Terrazzo & Restoration - Town Hall

Deep Clean

Heavily soiled terrazzo & mosaic floor before restoration

The floor overall had been badly maintained and was covered in dust, grime and muddy water caused from leaks and building contractors. The entire floor required a deep clean and light grind to uncover the old terrazzo underneath to be restored

Replacing In-Situ

Operative laying in-situ terrazzo

Several areas of badly damaged Terrazzo required replacement with colour and aggregate matched terrazzo. This was matched ahead of time and hand mixed & laid. Once installed and allowed to cure, operatives then grind off the top 10-15% of the floor to expose aggregate and level with the existing floor.

Repairing Cracks

Crack repairs in in-situ terrazzo going across the entire floor through border

Severe cracks were present throughout the building, which were repaired with colour matched material. As cracks went through several different colours of stone, we repaired using several different colours each one applied strategically as not to run/merge with others.

Dirty and damaged terrazzo floor in a town hall before restoration Showing during and after restoration of logos in terrazzo floor After refurbishment of terrazzo pattern in a town hall

In-Situ Terrazzo Projects

Floor, Walls & Channel

In-situ terrazzo installation to a mosque ablution room

In-Situ Terrazzo to a Mosque

Station Refurbishment

Upminster bridge terrazzo floor showing 3 colours and shine down the middle

Upminster Bridge In-Situ Terrazzo

In-Situ Toilet Repairs

In-situ terrazzo floor in a toilet

Toilet In-Situ Repairs

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