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Mosque Ablution Room - In-Situ Terrazzo

Before and after photos of mosque terrazzo floor being installed Mosque channel, plinth and stools with wooden base before in-situ terrazzo Operative installing vertical strips to the walls of a mosque Mosque channel and plinth screeded with sand & cement Close up of sand cement screed with scratch coat and aluminium strips In-situ terrazzo installation to the channel floor in a mosque After pictures showing in-situ terrazzo installation to channels and plinths of a mosque

Installation of sample matched in-situ terrazzo to floor, wall and channel


The client requested a beige terrazzo floor and designed the mix themselves. We then provided a matched sample which was accepted. The project took around 10 days to complete and featured around 75 linear metres of aluminium divider strip. Care was taken to reflect lines in the wall with lines in the floor. Our work was finished to a strip between limestone tiles and terrazzo. We visited 6 months later and took some after photos


  • In-situ Terrazzo

  • Hand mixed, laid & polished

  • Timetable: 10 days

  • Walls, Floors, Channel

  • Aluminium Divider Strips

  • Dates: 2012

Terrazzo used in a mosque seperated by aluminium strips

Before: Wooden Floor

Wooden floor and plinth with stools in a mosque

We started with a wooden floor and raised pedestal featuring stools. The channel (on left of picture) falls away to various drainage points and is used for ritual washing. Careful planning was followed to ensure all our work lined up with existing tile joints and was even across the floor.


Screeding walls of a mosque with a scratchcoat of sand & cement

In order to bond terrazzo onto the existing tiles, we used a bed of 35-50mm sand cement with a scratch coat. The walls, channel, plinth all required accurate screeding both horizontally and vertically. The strips were set in after screeding was completed

Installing Divider Strips

Setting aluminium strips into wall and floor prior to installing in-situ terrazzo

Solid aluminium strips were strategically placed along the wall and floor all aligned to safeguard against cracking. Divider strips and control joints can be researched more in NBS M41 specification also BS 8204-4.

Laying In-Situ Terrazzo

Hand laying in-situ trowel with a trowel

Mixed and laid by hand, Premfloor operatives lay the channel first using the bespoke cementitious terrazzo mix. In-situ terrazzo has to be installed by experienced progessionals and mixed correctly in order to maintain a uniform colour and aggregate distribution across the project.

Grinding & Polishing Walls

We protected the wall with strong correx affixed to ultra low tack adhesive. The limestone tiles were interfaced to the terrazzo, both finishing at the same depth. Vertical grinding was done with specialist 110v equipment and powerful air movers to remove the majority of dust from the area into a HEPA filtered system.

Grinding & Polishing Floor

In-situ repairs being installed into floor & skirting

The floor was ground by hand with a series of carborundum and diamond discs. As the floor is regularly exposed to water, it was specified to finish on a coarse grit of 80 with a matt finish anti-slip sealer.

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