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Case Study: LEGO® Store, Leicester Square

Lego Resin Terrazzo Floor in Leicester Square, before and after

540m2 - 3 Colour Resin Terrazzo Floor in the heart of London


Premfloor were awarded the prestigious contract of installing a three colour resin terrazzo to the new LEGO® flagship store in Leicester Square. This was a rapid fit out working in tandem with multiple teams of contractors, in an enclosed area (tight on space). We designed & sourced the resin system in-house, after agreeing samples with the client.


Two Floors, Three Colours

In-Situ Epoxy Resin Terrazzo

Challenging Rapid Fit Out

Bespoke Floor Boxes

Mixture of Day & Night Shifts

Dates: Sept - Oct 2016

Close up of bespoke terrazzo floor box in Lego yellow

Panoramic shot of polished resin terrazzo in LEGO® Store Silhouette of man grinding floor in LEGO® Store Premfloor operative grinding resin yellow terrazzo with htc floor grinder and ermator vacuum Premfloor operative cleaning floor at lego store Lego Store Leicester Square - Coming Soon Banner

Before - Screed Repairs & DPM

Sample Production

Matching the existing sample of terrazzo from Lego

We were given a yellow, light grey and dark grey tile to match against. Precise colour matching took around 3 weeks, the yellow proving particularly challenging since it contained different sizes of yellow glass. Walls and countertops were also yellow, so a uniform colour matching was critical.

Repairing Screed

Damaged sand/cement screed in need of repair

Heavy duty traffic including forklifts and scissor lifts caused severe damage to the sand-cement screed. We repaired it using epoxy resin screeds and fibre bandages. The entire surface was strengthened with a penetrating pure epoxy resin.


Steel staircase with empty landing prior to terrazzo

Prior to starting Premfloor conducted thorough sitewide moisture tests. It was agreed with the client that a DPM would be required before installing any epoxy coating on the project. This was done alongside repairing any cracks, holes and problems with the screed.

During - Resin Terrazzo Installation

Setting Out Borders

Setting out strips in three colours for resin terrazzo

Using lasers and working from client drawings, we installed metal colour divider strips. The design called for dark grey borders with light grey and yellow fields on either side.

Resin Terrazzo In-Situ

Hand laying yellow epoxy resin terrazzo next to grey stripe

The dark grey borders were laid firstly, forming the perimeter for the yellow and light grey fields. All the poured terrazzo was hand-laid.


Grinding terrazzo in the Lego Store

We opted for 3 phase HTC floor grinders & ermator vacuums for the majority of grinding. The upstairs area was around 300m2 with 3 colours and required 3 days of careful grinding.


Applying 3 colours of epoxy grout to the LEGO® floor

Each colour of floor was grouted in a liquid colour matched epoxy resin, and marble dust. It was trowelled across the floor filling all pin-holes. Air movers were utilised due to high internal temperatures during this phase.

Polishing & Sealing

Grinding terrazzo in the LEGO® Store

Following several polishing stages, we sealed with multiple layers of sealer, finishing with a light-stable polyurathane. This offered both UV and chemical resistance, and colour enhancement.


Buffing the floor with a high speed cleaning machine

Buffing was carried out with a high speed burnisher, armed with special pads. Reflection of the lighting modules can clearly be seen in the floor.

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