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Resin Terrazzo in Commercial Offices

Before & after of manchester office terrazzo

Off-white Epoxy Resin Terrazzo in Commercial Offices


A challenging project as part of an extensive fit out over 4 floors in Manchester town centre, working a mix of days and nights with multiple teams of contractors. The project was very tight on space with limited parking, deliveries and storage. We also installed 2 layer of marine grade ply to the lift lobbies, working to the level of connecting access flooring.


Busy town centre location

Mixture of day & night works

110v power only

Large quantity of edgework

In-Situ Hand Laid

Dates: Oct 2016 - Dec 2016

Close up of resin terrazzo used in offices in manchester


Reception - Missing Wood

Photo showing a failing wood subfloor being lifted and replaced

Once the old floor was removed, it was evident there was a lot of rotten wood and the levels of the old floor were varied, rising in the corners and along the walls. We requested this to be replaced with new marine grade ply and properly fastened down.

Reception - Mixtures

Mixtures of parquet wood, concrete and screed subfloor

The subfloor in the main reception was a mix of parquet wood, cement and floorboards. It took a lot of preparation works to flatten where possible and ensure there was no movement in the substrate, which we did by using a mapei fibre matting.

Access Flooring

Lift lobby access flooring subfloor prior to resin terrazzo finish

In the lift lobbies, we were asked to install resin terrazzo on access flooring. Due to the high risk of movement in the subfloor, the specification was to supply & install 2 layers of marine grade ply and install the resin terrazzo on top of the ply.

During - Lift Lobbies

Marine Ply

Installing 2 layers of marine grade ply with 300mm centres

Manufacturer specifications requirements were to install 2 levels of marine grade ply sheets perpendicular to each layer, screwed into the access floor tiles underneath. We pilot drilled and installed decking screws every 300mm and along all edges of the ply. This went along the corridors, around lift doors and interfaced with offices and other rooms on the floor

Prime & Fill Joints

Applying epoxy resin primer to marine grade ply

Working with ply usually requires several coats of primer due to high absorption rate. We applied 2 coats of epoxy primer with the second coat followed by a scatter of quartz sand to provide a key. This was programmed in with the client as each coat was an overnight cure meaning installation was between 4-7pm allowing workers to access the following day.

Mix & Lay Terrazzo

Installing epoxy resin terrazzo with a trowel

We hand laid the epoxy resin terrazzo to a depth of approx 8-10mm down corridors and up to trims. As the floor was to be trafficked during the day, we started this work at approx 5pm in the evening, leaving time for the epoxy to cure overnight allowing teams of contractors to access the floor during the day continuing the fit-out.


Grinding resin terrazzo using a HTC down a corridor

Grinding was a challenge on this project due to the amount of edges requiring hand grinding & polishing. We used a HTC floor grinding machine to process the bulk of the grinding, and followed up with hand grinders/polishers to complete the edges and doorways.

Grout & Polish

htc 420 floor grinder - wet polishing removing epoxy grout from a white terrazzo floor

Once we applied the epoxy grout (again overnight) we remove this using water and resin bonded diamonds using the HTC. This process requires cleaning up and spotting the floor so good cleanliness is key usually requiring 2 people to complete effectivley.


Sealing resin terrazzo in an office block

We applied a PU sealer twice, unfortunatley the first time was damaged by a third party coming in at midnight unannounced passing through the working area. We removed the existing sealer coat, reapplied and followed up with 2nr coats of high solids premium metallised floor polish.

During - Reception


Vacuuming up silica dust caused from angle grinding concrete

The floors had been built up over the years including latex, self levellers and various other floor finishes. We ground down to the lowest suitable substrate which in this instance was concrete, parquet and some wooden floorboards. After a thorough grind, we vacuumed up and prepared to level/prime.

Priming Thoroughly

Epoxy priming an area of parquet with trowel prior to installing terrazzo

As this ground level floor was particularly porous concrete, we applied thick coatings of epoxy primer filling holes and cracks with epoxy screed. We found whilst priming that the floor was absorbing the primer within 5-10 minutes so we applied multiple coats until we were happy the substrate wouldn't absord the decorative epoxy from our final floor.

Installing Mapei Mapetex

Installing mapei mapetex onto primer to bond subfloor together preventing movement

In order to assist in protecting against subfloor movement, we added a comprehensive layer of Mapei MapeTex sheets. This system bonds the subfloors together reducing any movement transferring into the floor finish. The Mapetex is bedded onto the primer and flattened/topped up with neat epoxy primer.

Lay Terrazzo Screed

Close up of resin terrazzo screed being installed onto wooden floor

The off-white resin terrazzo was installed in the reception by hand over a period of around 6 hours. The area was quite confined, and we were required to work over the weekend whilst our equipment was placed in the corridors. Once the mixing was over, we can clear site of all non grinding equipment freeing up much needed space.

Grind Terrazzo

HTC 420 grinding white epoxy terrazzo floor

Being done in the winter, we left the floor longer to cure than usual - this time around 50 hours. This meant the grinding was The mix was tough and due to being challenged to using 110v power only we complete the initial grinding with our HTC 420 featuring dust extraction. Grinding had to be done in the evenings due to a prestige jewellery store next door, the noise was disturbing customers throughout the day.

Polish & Seal

Photo showing epoxy grouted floor prior to polishing & sealing

As the reception was the final part of the project, reaching the grouting stage was a landmark we were pleased to reach. After a few more days the project was polished and sealed with a PU sealer, followed by 2 coats of metallised floor polish.


Pictures of the finished resin terrazzo in a manchester office

Project Photos

Premfloor staff in hi-vis hand laying a lift lobby in off-white resin terrazzo Premfloor mixing station using flowcrete mondeco mirazzo Picture of operative vacuuming up dust from mixture of wood, concrete and parquet subfloor

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