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White Resin Terrazzo (Mondeco Arctic Alaska)

Sand cement screed before, white resin terrazzo (Flowcrete) after

White Resin Terrazzo Installed During Kitchen Fit-Out


Our client was looking to invest in a durable, long lasting hygienic floor for the new kitchen. With their heart set on white terrazzo, we recommended using Flowcrete Mondeco Arctic, a range of off-white seamless epoxy terrazzo floors. White is a challenging colour to work with, most epoxies offer an 'off white' colour but achieving true white in epoxy is difficult and more expensive than standard colours.

[link] Flowcrete Mondeco Arctic Datasheet


White Resin Terrazzo

Installed over Tarmac TufScreed

Underfloor Heating in screed

In-Situ Hand Laid

[link] Mondeco Arctic NBS

[link] Riba Product Selector

Close up of Flowcrete Mondeco Artic Alaska white resin terrazzo


Samples & Planning

Layout for details surrounding expansion strips & movement

We provided the client with a number of samples - the choice came down to Mondeco Arctic Alaska, and Mondeco Arctic Glacier. Once we'd agreed on the floor finish, we produced drawings and consulted with regards to substrate, expansion joints and joints in doorways.

Sand/Cement Screeding

Tarmac TufScreed installed over underfloor heating approx 50mm

Tarmac TufScreed at 50mm was used as the screed of choice to build up levels over the underfloor heating. This was allowed to crack & dry over approximatley 6 weeks, with the underfloor heating being commissioned prior to starting works. Premfloor weren't involved installing the screed, but advised on a brand we trust.


Pull-off testing and moisture testing a sand/cement screed

Tests were performed including a pull-off test to ensure the screed was of suitable strength to pass the 25 N/mm2 substrate requirement. Then several intrusive moisture tests were performed. On this occasion the readings came back slightly lower than expected in patches so we recommended a liquid DPM to prevent against moisture damage.



Diamond grinding sand/cement screed prior to installing epoxy primer

A diamond cupstone with dust extraction was used to abrade the surface, removing any contaminants and lowering any high spots. Once the floor was completley vacuumed we tidied the area and protected edges.

Epoxy Screeding & Priming

Preparing the floor using a diamond grinder

Where areas of the screed were low (such as along the wall and in doorways) we raised the level to the rest of the floor. Cracks in the screed are dressed with a bandage and swamped in primer to affix to the floor. As this was a pourous substrate, we applied a base coat of primer before applying a dpm.

Applying DPM & Scatter

Repairing the floor with fibreglass

Using a combination of roller and trowel, we supplied & installed a liquid dpm to the floor, followed by a scatter of quartz sand.

Lay Terrazzo Screed

Hand laying white epoxy resin terrazzo in-situ in kitchen

With the terrazzo being white, our mixing equipment had to be immaculatley clean. We opted for a Baron M80 forced action mixer which comfortably handles the 49kg mondeco mix. The project was around 50m2 and was troweled down in around 5 hours. This included the main kitchen area, corridor to the back door and a bathroom.

Grind & Polish

Grinding white floor with HTC 420 grinder

As this installation was done in spring, it was a little cold so we allowed around 30 hours for the epoxy to cure. We then proceeded with our HTC 420 floor grinder. The initial cut to the epoxy resin was using metal bonded diamonds right through to a finishing grade of 200 grit. We finished on resin bonded diamonds using water, we recommended against polishing to a higher shine for safety reasons.


A PU sealer is used to aid in the prevention of UV yellowing, which is applied to the floor and allowed to cure overnight. Following that we finish with 2 coats of premium high solids metallised floor polish. After 24-48 hours we returned to buff the floor leaving a nice shine.


white resin terrazzo in finished kitchen

white terrazzo floor in kitchen with no furniture

white terrazzo showing reflection through bay windows

close up of white terrazzo aggregate

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