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Mother of Pearl & Mirror Glass Terrazzo

Before & after installing mother of pearl resin terrazzo Kitchen door with mother of pearl & mirror glass resin terrazzo floor reflecting the light Wide view of kitchen featuring epoxy resin terrazzo floor which contains mother of pearl, blue glass and mirror glass Close up photo of resin terrazzo mix featureing blue glass, mirror glass and mother of pearl White kitchen units with flowers and a resin terrazzo floor with white LED lights in skirting

Mix Design

Samples of resin terrazzo including black, red, blue, and beige backing with mirror glass and mother of pearl aggregates

We provided this residential client with a bespoke mix. The chosen design was an off-white mix containing 3-8mm blue glass, crushed mirror glass, pieces of mother of pearl and marble/light coloured aggregates. We matched the client's splashback colour and other designer fixtures & fittings around the kitchen into the floor.

Prepare Subfloor

Existing sand cement screed strengthened and repaired and primed with epoxy resin

Prior to installation, the client removed the carpet and had their existing floor cleaned before we arrived. It was evident that the quality of the sand/cement screed was inadequate to cope with the stresses created during epoxy resin curing period. We flood coated with a custom designed low viscosity resin to penetrate and strengthen the screed. In some places we rebuilt levels and patches with an epoxy screed.

Hand Laid Terrazzo

Operative hand laying an epoxy resin terrazzo screed using trowel onto a sand & cement screed

We installed the mix at approximatley 10mm over a period of 5 hours. As the chosen mix was light in colour, all surfaces, mixers, tools etc have to be immaculatley clean in order to maintain the colour. After laying, the floor was allowed to cure and ground off using a HTC floor grinder, and polished for several days using diamond discs. Not one pinhole could be located by our client, even with them on hands and knees searching.

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