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Treatment Room - White Altro TerrazzoLite EP

Broadcast Aggregates

Aggregates scattered into epoxy leveller - Altro TerrazzoLite EP

Altro developed a terrazzo system some time ago which was differed to the traditional resin hand-laid systems. Their product was a base layer trowelled down, with aggregates broadcast into the top of the base layer.

Laying Base Resin

Operative hand laying an epoxy self levelling screed with aggregates in a bucket

Operative using a notched trowel installing the base layer of Altro TerrazzoLite EP. The operative then broadcasts aggregates (from the black bucket on the left) into the resin. The aggregates then sink into the base layer which is left overnight to cure and ground the following day.

Close up of Terrazzo

View of Altro TerrazzoLite terrazzo close up

The client specified the aggregates and system which we designed a mix from using Altro resins. The end product is hardwearing, hygienic with colours to match the interior of the room. We installed the system over 5 days in a busy fit-out environment.

Counters we matched colour for terrazzo floor Treatment room showing 2 beds in London Altro TerrazzoLite EP floor in treatment room with fish tank and beds Terrazzo floor in treatment room next to beds and side units Photograph of building treatment room was located in

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