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Terrazzo Stair Nosing Repair - Hospital

Picture of hospital stair nosing repair before and after


Damage to terrazzo stair nosing

Following damage caused by heavy equipment, Premfloor were appointed to repair a single tread. The stair had been struck and a 100mm chunk chipped out of the nosing. Hazard tape highlighted the damage for several days, and urgent action was needed. Having a structured planned floor maintenance program for Terrazzo with Premfloor would have prevented this emergency


Using a multi tool to cut neat edges to a stair repair

Wherever possible Premfloor always try to retain as much of the original step as possible, even down to making extremely fine, accurate cuts prior to break-out.


Completed terrazzo stair nosing repair with black anti slip strip

Until new repairs have had time to blend in they will always remain obvious. To eliminate the disparity the complete step could be polished, but this would introduce the aesthetic problem of having one immaculate step!

Planned Maintenance

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Reactive Maintenance

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Problems gets worse over time

H & S hazards taped for months

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Damaged Anti Slip Walkway

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