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Case Study: Animal & Nature Themed Terrazzo Bar

Before and after showing a terrazzo bar countertop with sea creatures

An underwater themed bar and a forest themed terrazzo bar


A specialist project in a north west nightclub completed over several weeks. This project was conceptualised by an inspired architect inspired by Gaudi and recreating this into a trendy nightclub. There were two bars each with 4 sides. One of the bars was themed in oranges, reds and yellows relating to the forest and the other was blues relating to the ocean.


Rapid Fit Out

Filling an 80mm deep bar top

Animal shapes cut out of brass

Blue, Green, Red, Black Epoxy

Working from detailed drawings

Daytime working

A frog made with brass outline

Drawings & Planning

Drawing showing complex layout of bar fixtures & fittings

The plans were followed under the supervision of the architect to agree and signoff on location of all brass creatures & seperators. The creatures were prepared weeks earlier, working alongside our specialists in assisting designing and specifying the finish bringing it to life.

Empty Bar

the bar with an empty top ready to recieve shapes and epoxy screed

We were given a steel fabricated bar with an 80mm hollow void as the top. We filled the bar with epoxy screed to provide a firm & secure base bonded to the steel, and raised the level to approx 10-1mmm from finished level.

Positioning Brass

Positioning brass sea creature shapes in empty bar top

Once the screed had cured and was sufficiently primed we affixed the brass creatures on the bar top in accordance with drawings. The architect was on standby to assist us in agreeing locations quickly allowing us to speed through works unimpeded.

Laying Mixed Colours

Various shades of red, orange coloured resin terrazzo in a bar

The design wasn't to feature solid seperating strips between colours, so our specialists carefully merged colours & stones together to create a fairly rare effect of epoxy resin colours running into each other. This meant there were no clear straight lines in the bar top and transitioned between colours smoothly.

Sea Creatures

Fish cut from brass in a resin terrazzo bar themed underwater

Underwater life included clams, shells, octopuses, fish, crabs, seweed and many more. Our facourite was the octopus as looked beautiful once polished up

Forest Dwellers

butterfly and bird cut from brass and coloured using epoxy resin terrazzo in bar top

Forest creatures included birds, butterflies, frogs and insects. Our favourite was the frog which finished up very well and featured a light coloured body

Sea creatures and shells cut from brass in a blue resin terrazzo bar top Frog cut from brass placed on epoxy screed in bar top Frog cut from brass with resin terrazzo infill on a bar top Bar in nightclub with blue resin terrazzo countertop featuring sea creatures and underwater creatures

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