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Planet Hollywood Logo in Terrazzo Floor

Planet Hollywood logo in floor with public walking past Laying brass strips on a concrete floor slab to seperate colours in a terrazzo installation Laying epoxy terrazzo in different colours between brass strips Red and Blue epoxy resin terrazzo installed between brass strips Diamond polished red and blue epoxy terrazzo freshly washed Planet hollywood logo in floor freshley washed prior to sealing

Delivering a Resin Terrazzo Entrance to Popular Restaurant in London


Premfloor completed several Planet Hollywood terrazzo installations from Moscow to London. This example was taken from Gatwick Airport (South Terminal) and featured brass lettering & logo with red, blue and back as the terrazzo fill colours. The restaurant was opened by celebrites and completed on time and within budget.


Rapid Fit-Out

Busy Building Site

Brass Strips & Lettering

Land Side Airport Location

Mix of Day & Night Work

Showing red terrazzo floor with black and white stone used in Planet Hollywood

Prepare & Repair Concrete

Angle grinding planet hollywood concrete slab with dust control

The existing screed was showing signs of wear & tear. As with most fitouts, skyjacks, equipment and heavy wheeled vehicles cause damage at joints. We prepared the floor with dust free angle grinding using a diamond cupstone. This removes most contaminents and dirt, with an element of flattening.

Transport Logo

Image of steel staircase enclosed in wooden hoarding

We transported the pre-fabricated letters and stars down the airport halls, past a Clarke's shoe shop. The materials yard was a walk away from the work site, members of the public took an interest in our operatives walking with the lettering.

Logo & Brass Strips

Brass planet hollywood logo and lettering placed on concrete slab

Once positioned in the correct place, we installed brass strips in concentric ovals around the brass lettering and stars. Once done, the brass is fastened to the floor, and the subfloor primed with an epoxy primer.

Rough Grind & Grout

Brass letters appearing through floor after grinding terrazzo

We use three phase equipment with dust extration to grind down the red, blue and metalwork using coarse diamond grinding equipment. Following a complete and thorough grind, the floor is grouted to fill any pinholes caused by grinding exposing air in the original mix.


Brass planet hollywood letters showing after terrazzo floor polished

We hand polish the brass stars and lettering and strips to ensure a high shine, as lower grit discs can often leave scratches. Once this is done we carefully work around the edge and along interfaces to other floors. Following this, the floor is sealed.

Cleaning & Opening

Mopping floor of planet hollywood entrance

The floor was finally buffed and cleaned around 7AM on handover day. Customers were keen to visit the restaurant in the busy south terminal, with people entering the second it opened.

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