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Case Study: Resin Terrazzo Running Track (2001)

Before and after photo showing metal strips in a floor before, and epoxy resin terrazzo floor installed after

Resin Terrazzo Running Track with Numbers & Aluminium Strips


Designed for relatives of a legendary runner, the Milton Keynes SweatShop was installed by one of our directors back in 2001. As of January 2018 the resin terrazzo floor is still being used daily by hundreds of customers in thecentre:MK. This is a testament the excellent durability of this decorative flooring solution.

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3-4 week programme

Metal shaped & mitred on site

3 Colour

High level of detailed work

In-Situ Hand Laid

Dates: 2001/02

Close up photo of aluminium strips seperating 3 colours of red blue and white

Original Drawings

Original drawings showing running track in different colours

The original architect's drawings showed a number of running tracks looping around a central column. The tracks were numbered 1 and 2, with the idea being customers could sample running shoes in an athletic environment and recreate the feel of being on a track.

Testing & Samples

Testing red resin terrazzo samples on a sample board with trowel and wooden surround

Several sample boards were created to ensure the colours were acceptable for client and the mix suitable for carefully working around numbers and curves. The colours used were red, blue and pale yellow

Setting out Strips

Aluminium strips set out on the floor in the shape of running tracks, with numbers 1 and 2 on a board

Aluminium strips were accuratley and carefully set out in circles around the middle of the store. Having a column in the centre made it challenging as usually we would've marked the centre point and drawn a circle with a stringline. Once this was done the tracks were spaced out evenly and the relay points put in place.

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