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Disney Store - Resin Terrazzo Entrance

Set Out Brass Strips

Setting out brass strips on a mesh floor in the shape of mickey mouse in a star

First the subfloor was ground, levelled & primed making good any repairs. The brass logo was assembled from pre-fabricated parts welded onto fabric mesh. This was strategically placed and fastened onto the concrete subfloor using fast setting resin.

Lay Black Colour

Installing black epoxy resin terrazzo into brass strips, in the shape of mickey mouse on the floor

All the black sections of the Mickey template were filled with the black resin terrazzo. Great care was taken to ensure that spillage down adjacent colour edges was cleaned up.

Remaining Colours

Trowelling black resin terrazzo to the border of a mickey mouse disney logo

Other colours were installed in a chequer-board fashion to eliminate inter-colour bleed. As soon as the coloured resins had cured, the entire logo was rough-ground and grouted. Although clear grout could be used across the entire logo, there is an improvement in the overall brightness when individual grout colours are used. Grout was ground off within 24 hours and the logo sealed with a UV resistant sealer.

21 Disney Stores Across Europe

Including Spain: Alicante, Italy: Modena, United Kingdom: London

Mickey mouse face in epoxy terrazzo in stars Top down mickey mouse face in resin terrazzo entrance to disney shop A disney store in the UK entrance with resin terrazzo mickey mouse black ears Mickey mouse in a star design with black, white red, yellow resin terrazzo and a black border

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