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Resin Terrazzo Black Shower Tray

Before and after installing a black resin terrazzo shower tray


applying a waterproof substrate to a shower tray with wooden batton

Firstly we installed a wooden batten to the thickness of terrazzo around the perimeter of the shower room. After this a waterproof tanking material was applied up to the batten along the base of the shower tray to the grid in the centre.

Coving Terrazzo

Black resin terrazzo coving in a shower tray on top of an epoxy screed

An epoxy screed was used to create falls to the centre of the shower tray allowing water to run. Following this, the resin terrazzo was applied to the cove using a batten to ensure the finish is the right height.As the coving requires vertical hold, a lower viscosity mix is used to maintain shape.

Floor & Grouting

Installing black resin terrazzo to floor and applying black grout

The remainder of the floor was then installed on a fall to the drain. We grouted the shower tray several times to ensure a sealed surface. Once cured, the shower tray was carefully polished leaving an exposed aggregate look. A sealer was then applied to protect the finish.

Installing epoxy screed to shower tray base with fall Black terrazzo shower tray during Black resin terrazzo shower tray with grid

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