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Skybridge Terrazzo Refurbishment - Manchester Airport

Joints cut around terrazzo floor tiles at manchester airport skybridg

Before - Failing Joints

Manchester airport skybridge terrazzo tile joints failing

Working on night shifts, in purple lighting, our remit was to cut the joints around every tile on the skybridge, fill with grout and re-polish the total area.

Track Saw Cutting

Cutting joints in a terrazzo tile using a track saw

For longer runs of tiles we employed a track saw to ensure straight cuts. This was done up to horizontal metal strips, and employed dust control.

Hand Cutting

cutting floor joints in tiles along a metal strip

Intricate and detailed cuts were done with a hand cutter with dust extraction.

Planned Floor Maintenance

Rapid Joint Replacement

Cut & Fill up to 100m2* per night

Keep terrazzo joints clean

Follow up with polish & seal

Terrazzo tiled floor showing reflection of shop logo after being diamond polished

Reactive Maintenance

Joints in floor look dirty

Can accumulate dirt & germs

Can become trip hazard

Challenge finding good contractors

Before after showing dull and light shiny terrazzo floor

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