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Apartment Block - Flight of Terrazzo Stairs

Before and after terrazzo staircase renovation in apartment block

Before - Nosings

Old terrazzo staircase covered in adhesive with plastic nosings

These nosings were fastened down with extremley tough adhesive, and also screwed into the riser. When removed by our client, this caused some damage to the anti slip mosaic strip which needed to be replaced or repaired.

During - Stripping

Applying an industrial strength stripper to terrazzo stairs to remove adhesive

Grinding techniques were not used on the mosaic tiles which formed the anti-slip strip at the front, for fear of lowering their co-efficient of friction. We utilised several applications of industrial strippers on the mosaics. The strips were protected as we heavily ground the remainder of the steps, and re-polished to provide a surface for a suitable anti-slip sealer.

After - Sealed

Cleaned, polished and sealed terrazzo staircase in apartment building

Once the adhesive had been fully removed we used 110v powered tools to progress through from coarse to fine diamond pads. This process took considerable time due to the necessity of grouting pit-holes in the terrazzo, repairing cracks and exercising care round the mosaic anti-slip.

Landings, Skirting & Staircase Restoration

Project Description

We were contacted by developers of a refurbishment project in London requesting the cleanup of a flight of terrazzo stairs, lift lobby and landing. Substantial damage was present on skirtings with approx 3 LM missing and various holes caused during building works. The stairs were coated with thick adhesive and nosings which had been fastened with screws and adhesive.

Bullet Points

Building Site

Constant Traffic (in use)

3 line mosaic anti slip

Busy London location

Terrazzo & Concrete

Day Working

Aggregate used in castle cement terrazzo floor with grey chippings and a concrete intergace

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